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2.8 BETA
« on: December 10, 2012, 20:56:25 »
Beta of v2.8 has been delay quite a bit, But it is finally out.

Major new feature is the new Favorite/Bookmark system.
The new favorite system has something called QuickPaths that will replace the old HotPath.
Current HotPath items will be converted into QuickPaths automatically.

To show the Favorites window press Alt+Backspace (The default hotkey might change for the release) or press the Favorite Button (star) on the Commandline bar.

( Updated 2012-12-16 with Beta Build 1267 )

Over 90+ Changes.
Over 120+ Changes.
  ADDED - New Favorites/Bookmark System. Press ALT+BackSpace or press Favorites icon on commandline bar to show it.
  ADDED - New Language : Hungarian - Provided by Zityisoft
  REMOVE- HotPaths removed. Replaced with quick path in the the Favorite manager. (HotPath will be converted automatically)
  ADDED - The colors for the ProgressBar shown in statusbar can now be configured.
  ADDED - Highlights in FileViewer can easier be removed and added from the context menu.
  ADDED - Selection status in Explorer Panel can now be configured to show 0,1,2 decimals
  ADDED - Selection status in Explorer Panel can now be configured to mini/short/long size unit after the size
  ADDED - Explorer Panel can now show 0,1,2 decimals in the size column.
  ADDED - Explorer Panel can now show none/mini/short/long size unit after the size.
  ADDED - Command to load selection from clipboard.
  ADDED - Drive bar in main window can now show Special Folders, Virtual Devices and Cloud folders.
  ADDED - MultiScript can now show a window asking user to select one of many items from a dropdown list. See : "AskOption"
  ADDED - MultiScript function to convert date/time as text to number value. See : "ParseDateTime"
  ADDED - Settings to force what panel side that should be set as active at startup.
  ADDED - Default settings for new tabs, View Mode and FolderTree can be configured.
  CHANGE- Date format settings is now a global settings for all open Explorer Panels.
  FIXED - Fixed problem with launching programs from the QuickLaunch bar, If the path had dots in a folder name.
  FIXED - Multi-Script Debugger will now list script sorted, Work faster and better.
  FIXED - Scrollbar problem in List mode.
  FIXED - Problem when running an empty MultiScript
  FIXED - Problem with custom command "MC.Run" The parameter "STARTIN" did not work.
  FIXED - Pack/Unpack/CopyTo dialog will now use filesystem auto completion.
  FIXED - Selection status in ExplorerPanel will now use the thousand separator defined by Windows.
  FIXED - FTP Log tab will now use the same font and colors defined for the other logs.
  FIXED - Will now warn if codepage that can be defined for zip is invalid
  FIXED - Crash problem is zip codepage is invalid.
  FIXED - Rare crash problem with settings.
  FIXED - 5 other Crash problems reported by crash report system
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