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Multi Commander v3.0 ALPHA Build 1335
« on: February 02, 2013, 19:17:04 »
Multi Commander v3.0 ALPHA (Build 1335)

   Portable 32bit
   Portable 64bit

This alpha also contains updates to the MultiUpdate program. The update tool should now be able to upgrade an old version to 3.0.

To test this download MultiUpdate v1.3.3 and unpack it into where you have MultiCommander.exe.
Then start a command problem at that location and run "MultiUpdate.exe /D"
This will download the 1335 Alpha release and do the upgrade.

Changes 235+ Changes since v2.8.1

-- Build 1335 - 35+ Changes

  ADDED - MultiUpdate using new way of downloading updates. (Old way can be activated in settings)
  ADDED - Favorites can now be shown as a popup menu in the crumbbar. (as right click action on the Path field)
  FIXED - MultiUpdate script can now upgrade from 2.8.x to 3.x
  FIXED - Fixed problem when saving a FileOperations presets.
  FIXED - Some extended file properties did not use the MultiLanguage systems for the column names.
  FIXED - Problem when restoring language pack.
  FIXED - Some Texts at different places are now supported by the MultiLanguage System.
  FIXED - MultiUpdate will keep orginal filedate when updating files.

Changes from previous alpha versions is found here
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