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Dear Sir/Madam
As you know Space in the file panel matters
It would be great option to if the bar at
"free device space area" can be removed
with an option like other bars, for me I need more view for file panel , I think
that bar is taken, more space than it should, and its info. about space can be placed in the status bar and the buttons  behind it can be placed  in the bar of "file list panel"   if this   option can be set some how please let me know.

I really appreciate your hard, and magnificent work on this amazing project.

Thank you.

Thank you very much AlanJB  for the quick response and clear answer. I admire this program every time i use it. its the best for me I've been looking for such explorer for years, I have tried many explorer programs beside "windows explorer" which is really annoying for me ..With my discovery to this  great Multi Commander Explorer I feel very happy, also when I think of some feature after little search I find it implemented already....That's why I appreciate every effort from any one, that contributed into building such a magnificent  software.

Thank you All


It would be very nice idea to be able to open external program say notepad.exe inside one of the panes  so you can monitor changes for example while working with files , this option would be good if one can drag the external program into the pane and then have the option to lock it so no other drag can happen by accident until option unlocked.

Thank you

on Tabs need I need an option to remove
  • close button from tabs

because some times it get closed by accident when I am just trying to select it not to close it specially if I have many tabs opened I've seen this feature in notepad++ it will be great if we have it in Multicommander.

Thank you

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