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Beta Releases / 5.2 beta Flat View bugs
« on: July 11, 2015, 07:47:19 »
Couple of things I've noticed.
  • It is very hard to see which folder is providing which file. Can the parent folder be displayed in the filename or perhaps an extra column could display to the far left that shows the folder?
  • After changing the view back to a non-'flat view', you need to change to a folder further up the tree or another disk to force a refresh or use F2.
  • Selected files are not being parsed correctly to 3rd party applications invoked by the context menu. The application either displays only the first document in both windows or only one instance is loaded. e.g. WinMerge with 'flat view' only the first file is used and is compared to itself. Or if two documents are sent to an editor only the first is sent, with different actions taken depending on the application, either two windows with the same document or just one with the second document discarded.
    This is true regardless of the name, even differently named files are not parsed correctly. However, files do appear to be handled correctly if drag/dropped onto an application in the toolbar.
    Likewise if drag/dropped into another folder, MU presents an option to merge them if they share the same name.

Support and Feedback / MC and Windows 10
« on: June 02, 2015, 06:27:24 »
Since I have now started receiving the notifications from Microsoft about the free Win10 upgrade they are offering, I'm wondering if you know how MC will work/look with the new framework offered in Win10.

A couple of friends of mine with pre-release copies of Win10 have said some of their tools don't seem to work or look right in it, one notable though unsubstantiated claim was for 7zip not working.

I've placed my reservation for Win10 but I can't live without MC, it is just far too good to give up and I do a lot of file management to let it go.

Support and Feedback / Java executables treated as archives
« on: December 31, 2014, 02:12:53 »
If you have the setting:
Explorer Panel Settings... --> Mouse Configurations --> Left/Right/Middle Mouse button -- Double click
set to:
Open folder/Execute File
Double clicking on a Java archive (*.jar) opens it as any other type of archive or folder, despite the fact that Windows is et to treat these as files NOT folders.
The default double-click action from an explorer window runs this as an executable.

Changing this setting to:
Execute File
in the settings panel correctly treats it as an executable, but I lose all folder navigation functionality.

Additionally changing this setting to:
Open Folder
doesn't actually enable open folders for me, no matter if they are *.jar, or any archive format, files or simply folders in the tree.

This is on Win7 64bit with MC v4.6 (build 1777)

Support and Feedback / Locked TAB functionality.
« on: March 12, 2014, 02:39:40 »
Is it possible to lock a TAB from going UP the tree but still allow access to all the sub-folders under the currently selected location.

I have a folder that I access frequently and would like to get into the folders immediately below it but stay clear of those above it.

Support and Feedback / Multi-rename on search results list
« on: February 18, 2014, 03:27:03 »
I have a folder structure made up of 10 language versions of a selection of files.
The time has come to rename one of the files in each language folder to something else.

I ran a search inside MC to look for the filename as it is now and it correctly gave a list in the search results panel
So I selected all the files and ran Multi-Rename to change all the files to the new name.
Each time I tried the Multi-Rename spits back the error message:
Error! - Name Conflict

What am I doing wrong?

Any operation I try to do on this list results in this error.

Is the search list providing the Multi-Rename tool with the directory path as well or just a list of names that are all identical?
The search results panel certainly shows the full path but the Multi-Rename looks to be seeing them all in the same location.

If I use the list panel for other commands, like copy for example, it functions as expected.
The first file is copied and then on each subsequent copy the dialog for options on same named files appears.
Clearly it is correctly pulling each file from it's own folder in turn, as I would expect.

After much fiddling I find that the way to rename files on the search results is to use the Tools\Rename\Replace text in name command on the main menu.

This in my opinion this needs some attention.
The Multi-Rename tool is well suited to this operation and is probably looked to more often than this 3 level deep command.

Hope this will be of some help.

Thank you for your great software. I am an avid fan.

Let me see if I can explain what is going on.

With the two panels of MC, one is always active and the other is not. Obviously this is good because any commands you start are only going to apply to the active panel, since that is where your attention should be.
However, when you select a tab on the opposite panel the position of the cursor is where it was when you left it. Clearly there is some internal memory of the position, either via the Windows operating system or code within MC.
My question is this:
Is it possible to use that inactive panel file/folder selection in a command? Possibly sending both files in either panels to an external program?
Since the file/folder under the cursor, in the inactive panel, is still referenced somehow.

Related but not important is, are the cursor positions of inactive TABS inside the same panel treated the same way as the panel on the other side?
Or to put it another way. How does the program keep track of the cursor positions on ALL the inactive TABS for either panel? Is it useful for file manipulation?

Support and Feedback / Cloud Drives
« on: October 13, 2013, 04:00:57 »
You have previously said the 1508 build of MC fixed the cloud drives not showing up however even with the last version I am only getting my SkyDrive to show up, both on the toolbar and the dropdown selection box on the explorer panel.

Google Drive, DropBox, Box Net and Amazon Cloud are all available on my Windows 7 explorer but don't show inside MC.

Support and Feedback / Toolbar view messed up after upgrade
« on: October 13, 2013, 03:39:42 »
I have just now updated to the 1530 build of 3.5.1 and my toolbar was all messed up.
There was a gap between the Standard toolbar and the File Commands toolbar, about 60% of the screen width, which meant all the other icons were pushed off the edge of the screen and were unavailable.

At first I tried to grab the handle attached to each toolbar and move it but it is fixed. Has this always been the case? Have these toolbars never been moveable? I have never before had the need to move them so I don't know. Seems a shame if they aren't.
The only way to fix the problem was to "Uncheck/Check" each toolbar in the "View -- Toolbars -->" menu option.

Now it is all as it was before.

Support and Feedback / Customize Default UI Colors
« on: October 08, 2013, 03:29:31 »
Sorry to use this page to ask this question, I just happen to be reading it and the point about colour schemes grabbed my attention.
Is it correct that the colouring only applies to the actual file panes not the rest of the UI? I can use the quick look'n'feel colour option to change colours but it looks like it only affects that area.
I would like to make the whole UI a darker style but I am not sure if those details are handled by Windows itself.

Support and Feedback / A couple of questions with the new version
« on: September 19, 2013, 10:30:03 »
I have just updated to the latest version and I thought I would ask a couple of questions that have puzzled me.

1) I have a number of 'cloud drives' and previously only SkyDrive was showing in the toolbar, now not even that shows up. I have checked the options to have them displayed. Is there something else that has to be done? They all show in explorer without problem.

2) Is there a setting to unselect a group of files after an operation has been performed on them? ie. If I select some files and do a Checksum on them, there is no need to keep them selected.

3) I would like to select all the files within a directory tree and perform a Checksum on them and include the folder structure in the resulting file report. Could this be possible? Maybe I will have to create some scripts?

4) The way the name of the Checksum report is named is strange. Although multiple files may be selected, the resulting file is always called after the top file in the selection. Why not just name it "report" or name it with time/date?

Thank you.

I always enjoy using this software, simply the best file manager around. No question about it, it just is the best.

Support and Feedback / Multi-Rename error
« on: September 03, 2013, 03:00:30 »

Since my last efforts with Multi-Rename I have decided to be a bit more adventurous but I have come across a bug.

I have created a couple of buttons to copy some log files into my current beta-test folder for examination and then clear the folders for a clean slate ready for the next test.
To be able to make comparisons between different sets of logged data I then use Multi-rename to prepend the current date and time to those files.

First problem I came across was the default time options didn't have leading zeros in the MIN & SEC values thus providing sequence problems.
So after reading the forum I found you suggested using more advanced date-time formats. I did using this setup:

[?ExtendedProp.datemodify-{yyyy-MM-dd|-HH-mm} ]-[N]

This was serving me well until this morning when the following error resulted.

The two files I copy over are:

Upon running Multi-Rename I got the, almost, correct files


Notice the timing error.

Then after doing another modification and running the system producing more log files I get the following error:

2013-09-03-09-59-Civ5DebugDatabase.db > Failed to rename. A file with this name already exists.

Now there are 2 errors here.
1) the current time should actually be 10-50 thus the Lua.log is wrong
2) the Civ5DebugDatabase.db is trying to be renamed to the first instance of that file with a completely wrong time

I am really impressed with MultiCommander, and I am trying to leverage all of the great functions that are incorporated into this wonderful programme, but this is a real bummer :(

Hope you can track down the problem.

Thanks in advance

I thought I would do another test while I continued to read through the forum.
This time the two files were to renamed with timestamps 28 minutes different! :o

Ahh. I now see the problem. The ?ExtendedProp.datemodify is reading the modified date/time of the file that is copied over.
Is there a way to get a full date/time value with leading zeroes using the current system time, not the file created/modified?

Support and Feedback / Multi-Rename
« on: July 18, 2013, 03:02:56 »
apologies in advance to all if this is obvious!

I can use the Multi-rename to change existing characters in my files but I just cant figure out how to ADD characters to the start or end of existing names.


file1.txt, file2.txt, file3.txt

to become

NEW_file1.txt, NEW_file2.txt, NEW_file3.txt

I figure it is right in front of me but I can't see it.

Is it the fact that I'm not actually 'renaming' any existing characters? Simply 'adding' on new ones.

Support and Feedback / How to not filter sub-directories?
« on: February 21, 2013, 04:25:30 »
If I have a folder with many directories and sub-directories that contain different types of files. If I use the filter to show only, eg *.sql, the sub-directories are hidden as well.

I would like to be able to navigate up and down the 'tree' using the file pane while it shows only the specified filetype.

As it is now I must disable the filter - go to a new folder - re-enable the filter - do whatever actions I want - disable - move - (repeat).
Or use the tree view (Alt + Num*).

Similar to this request is the ability to reverse the selection. ie set the filter to eg. - *.sql and have the display show everything but *.sql files. Or have a button to reverse the selection.

Support and Feedback / [FIXED] Right-click "New" menu options
« on: April 13, 2012, 08:37:32 »
Hello Mathias.

I'm assuming you have coded the 'right-click "New" menu' that is inside MC and are not using the Windows code.
Just curious about your rationale for doing so.

I am given the options to create "Contacts" and "Library Folder" items but doing so creates useless items. ie The "Contacts" file is not opened as a new contact and the "Library Folder" also has no functionality that I can see and the command to create a new "Library" is provided elsewhere on the 'right-click menu'. However I am not able to create the Windows items "Briefcase" or "Compressed (zipped) folder. I have never wanted to create those things but I find it strange to have some Windows items available and not others.
Also unlike explorer, the "New" command is also available when the focus is on a file not just blank space. Perhaps that should be changed?

Further I have found that the new "Rich Text Format" files that are created via MC have an "{" character added to the beginning of the file when viewed via UniversalViewer. If you then 'right-click' and select the command "New" that is immediately under the "Open" command, it is loaded into the default editor and the following extra characters are displayed:
Wordpad: { \ r t f 1 }
OpenOffice/LibreOffice: {#\#r#t#f#1#}###
(minor error I know but still thought you'd like to know)
Additionally the file creation for "OpenOffice/LibreOffice" is not available if the user has that software installed. This is also not a big issue but if the user is to be more conversant with MC it would be good to have all the functionality that explorer provides. No matter how trivial.

Just a thought.

Support and Feedback / Selected files are not handled properly
« on: April 13, 2012, 07:49:51 »
Hey Mathias I have just noticed something about how "Selected" files/folders are not properly handled.

I was looking at changing the colours of the 'Selected' and 'Focused' files/folders when I noticed that if I select files/folders by Ctrl-clicking they correctly take on the colour of selected files. However file operations on them fail and only the the last file/folder selected has the focus and is then handled correctly.

Using the button bar or menu commands to "Select" different types of files/folders applies the colours of "Checked" and therefore all operations work on them.

So the questions are.
If the files/folders are not being selected by Ctrl-clicking why is there a colour option to highlight "Selected" files/folders? What is "Selecting"?
Or if they are being selected by Ctrl-clicking why are they not handled as such and why do the button/menu commands not apply the colouring as "Selected" but rather as "Checked"?

Hey Mathias. What I mean is it possible to have the text on the buttons to change after the the button is clicked to display the then current option.

e.g. I have written some scripts to toggle the display to show certain types of files when a button is pressed like your example for *.log files. So the button has the text "Show Logs" and when it is pressed only the *.log files are shown. However the button text still displays "Show Logs" but when it is pressed again the file display is returned to all *.*.

Is it possible to have the button text alternate between "Show Logs" and "Show All" or "Hide Folders" and "Show Folders"? That way the button bar may become even more useful than it is now!

Support and Feedback / How to edit information in extra columns?
« on: April 05, 2012, 05:46:00 »
I have been trying to find a way to edit the information that is displayed in the "Extra Columns" provided when right-clicking on the column header of the file view pane. Specifically the 'Description' and 'Comments' columns.

I used to have a shell extension on my 32bit machine that allowed me to attach comments to files. I found it very useful for all the downloads that I accumulate. This also worked for files that didn't have a 'Details' tab on their 'File - Properties'.

Secondly. How can I enable the display of these columns by default. Currently I can set up a folder with these extra columns but if I duplicate it it reverts to showing only the standard columns.

Thirdly. I have just done a quick check of comments and descriptions that are provided by files that I haven't edited and the 'Comments" column that MC provides doesn't seem to match the information that 'File - Properties' shows. e.g. I have a WMP plugin that displays lyrics for the active song, the 'File - Properties' shows the following info in the "Comments" section
"This plugin adds global hotkey support to Windows Media Player"
MC leaves this field blank.

Also MC shows, under the 'Comments' column, for a number of files "This installation was built with Inno Setup.". Information that normally doesn't display in the 'File - Properties' tab. Although examining with a resource hacker does show the same info under the 'Comments' value of the 'Versioninfo'.

So to sum up MC's 'Comments' aren't the same as Windows Explorer's 'Comments' and MC's 'Description' displays what Explorer calls 'File - description'

The 2 png's I've attached show the differences.
The MC image shows 'Filename - Comment - Description' and the Explorer is 'Filename - File description - Comments'


Feature Requests and Suggestions / Quirky Administrator Mode
« on: March 29, 2012, 08:09:10 »
If I have 2 panels open, one showing a directory with only user rights (Folder1) and the other a directory under UAC e.g.(c:\Program Files(x86)\Some folder\) called (Folder2) strange options are provided.

1) If I try to move a file from Folder2 to Folder1 I am asked to enter Admin mode but it fails to provide it.
2) If I try to delete a file the same thing happens.
3) If I copy a file to the opposite panel and then edit it and try to copy it back I am asked for Admin mode and this time it is granted.
4) If I try to Move the file from Folder1 to Folder2 I am asked for Admin mode but again it is not granted.
5) If I right-click the file in Folder2 and select "Cut" and then right-click in Folder1 and select  "Paste" Admin mode is asked for but this time it is granted.

The "Explorer Panel Settings" has a lot of options for mouse configuration but I can't see how to get double-click to open a file if that is what is clicked AND go up a level if no file is double-clicked.

When you enter an archive the right-click context-menu is limited to a few selections: "Open" "Cut" "Copy" "Delete" "Properties".
I assume these are provided by Windows as they are the same regardless of explorer or file manager I use.
Is it possible to display, with all functionality, the right-click context-menu you would have on any file in an explorer window?

Support and Feedback / Word wrap for MultiDataViewer
« on: March 28, 2012, 07:39:21 »
Hello Matthias.

I have been using MultiCommander for a few months now after working my way through a number of alternatives. (FreeCommander,

One thing that keeps bugging me, and I can't see any mention of it here, is the lack of word wrap in MultiDataViewer.

Am I missing something with regard to configuration? Or is there no word wrap?
If not will you be providing that functionality in a future release.

Also the "Open" button on the MultiDataViewer toolbar. What does it do? I can press it but it appears to have no function.


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