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Thanks Jungle,
Remember split size;  I was thinking the other way around, not configuring it is better ;-)
And columns autosize is what I will try out for a while. Looks good thoug!

Support and Feedback / How to always start with 50%/50% panels?
« on: April 17, 2024, 08:32:05 »
I always have to re-adjust my panels to 50%/50% when starting MC. Where can I set that the % of panel width is always 50%/50%?

Also I would like to be sure then that column with is also sizing according to panel width (that is wider when panels width get bigger) and where to configure that?

Support and Feedback / run batchfile in selected folders in a panel
« on: February 24, 2020, 21:00:48 »
I would like to run a batchfile in many selected folders from a search. For this I have put the command for the batchfile under a button.

So first I do a search and get a lot of folders in the right hand panel. Then I would like to select a folder in the panel (not click on it to go into the folder but just selection) and I want to click on my button to execute the batchfile in that folder without leaving the list of folders.

If I move to the path of a folder and run the batchfile with the button that's working fine. But I have a lot of folders that need to be done without knowing yet witch one...

Thank you! I had been overlooking these settings.

Hi there,

How can I configure that in the 'date' column I see the real date and not things like 'yesterday' and so on? Really would like to have the real date in the columns.

Support and Feedback / Re: FTP connection hangs
« on: October 29, 2015, 20:23:36 »
Thanks for your reply,

The point is that I can easily connect and stay connected with Filezilla for a week and also transfer a ton of files. What information would be helpfull to give you a good direction?


Support and Feedback / FTP connection hangs
« on: October 27, 2015, 20:54:11 »
When I connect to my server with filezilla I can easely upload a large amount of files by FTP. When I do the same in MC the system hangs when only 5% of the files is transferred. Are there some settings that I can to change in MC?
It stops at 256kb and 83 files so that's not a lot.

The error I get from the server is:
2015-10-27 20:51:39 > NOOP
2015-10-27 20:52:09 AntiIdle command NOOP Failed
2015-10-27 20:52:11 > NOOP
2015-10-27 20:52:12 < 425 Unable to build data connection: Connection timed out
2015-10-27 20:52:12 AntiIdle command NOOP Failed
2015-10-27 20:52:12 Connection have failed, Closing connection
2015-10-27 20:52:12 > QUIT
2015-10-27 20:52:12 < 200 NOOP command successful

What can I do?

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