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I haven't been using the app for long but I'm very happy I found it and intend to continue to use it otherwise I would not be bothering with this feedback.

I want to use this application for work and mostly exclusively to look at other computers.  Please let me know if some of the following is configurable, I have gone through the options many times but they are all over the place and no search (like chrome has).  This is my first suggestion, others:

  • BUG?: None of the 3 "save on exit" options ticked, yet when I open the app without parameters I get many tabs all pointing to "c:\".  At the very least only restore one directory once...
  • FEATURE: Perhaps related to be above, if I start the app with some directories that don't exist then it creates one or more tabs to "c:\". I'd like an option not to do this at all but if it is to do it then it should do this properly and go to the root folder ("\\Computername" or "\\Computername\c$").
  • BUG?: Disabling the "Quick Launch" toolbar only works until the app is restarted.
  • BUG!: I open (via .ini) many shared folders in left pane and one to the users "temp" directory on the right hand side. Quite frequently each folder is duplicated including the ".." on the right side local drive.
  • BUG!: The color picker dialog doesn't work until the vertical bar (shading?) on the right is clicked
  • BUG!: When starting from default configuration, dragging columns to reorder them and "save current layout as default" doesn't do so but restores the original default.  After adding a column saving works, after that saving seems to work for subsequent column reordering.

  • BUG?: The "Remember Split" option I had to try to set multiple times, I don't know if this is a general issue saving configuration or something else is going on.
  • Suggestion: The app displays "[Admin]" on the left of the title, please move to after (and/or allow disabling), when many apps open all you see on the start bar is "[Admin"] XYZ....", I have set a title with "-t" that starts with "XYZ" and I don't group icons and use multiple instances (one per computer).
  • Suggestion: The tabs start with "[C]" or "[ComputerName]", there appears to be configurability to alter this but none to move it to the end. The tabs don't display the full text so I'd like to at least see the important it.
  • Suggestion: I'd like an option for the tabs to be bigger and over multiple lines
  • Suggestion: Registry only works on local workstation, if I am connected to a remote computer, I'd like that computers registry loaded. More generically, I'm hoping that the computer name will be available to any batch or MC scripts I create.
  • Suggestion: I'd like regular expression matching as an option for color matching rules.
  • Suggestion: I've worked out how to highlight the current pane, I haven't found this for current tab and it is very hard to see which it is.
  • Suggestion: When starting the app there seems no way to make the first tab on the first pane the default. You can only set the last tab on either pane.
  • Suggestion: File info tooltip should include the color rule name that was applied.
  • Suggestion: Optionally cascading color rules would be nice, allowing multiple rules to set different attributes for example hidden files may have a certain background color and following rules might set bold (for system attribute) etc.
  • Suggestion: I was hoping that I would be able to set the split on the command line but failing that set up the split set the "Remember Split" option, close and restart the app and turn off the "Remember split" option and it would remember the original split but not any subsequent changes I'd make in a session.
  • Suggestion: Many Tab options are not available on the .ini file
  • Suggestion: The INI file reading is very touchy and no error messages, it took me a while to realise that unlike real ini files you can't indent the value names and you can't have trailing whitespace.
  • Suggestion: The app need MultiCommander right click options, for example right click on folder "new tab"
  • Suggestion: If you accidently choose name instead of extension you clear the other fields, even changing this back doesn't restore the cleared data, ideally the app would not clear anything that is valid for the new "Field"

Most of the above were tested on WINXP some on Windows 7 (MC v4.5.1 (build 1769) 32 bit edition).  Anyway thanks for the app and making it free.

With my non-admin account on WINXP SP3 I tried "\\NoSuchComputer\c$" and  "\\PingableButSecureComputer\c$" and both of these failed, the first after an extended period of time (would be nice if the app pinged it first), the second quickly.  No error messages were displayed. No prompts for credentials. 

Just to clarify it its needed (I just started using the app)  I am typing this into the Address Tab's field. Is there any logging I can turn on? I tried to turn on the "logging" core setting, but if its logging i don't know where, tried looking for a log file in "%TEMP%" as well as the app tree.

I will have another go tomorrow, this was at work connecting to another computer (highly secured) in the domain. If I remember correctly I didn't start the program under an admin account, in a similar situation explorer would normally have prompted me for userid/password.

Not 100% sure of the reason but probably permissions I entered a path such as "\\SomeComputer\c$", the program would not go there but also didn't display any error messages to state that (1) and error had occured and (2) the reason for the error.

From a batch file I'd like to be able to start the app at a certain path and given there are two of them be able to specify one or both of them.

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