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Windows 7 Pro 32-bit. Updated to After the update, I can't even launch MultiCommander.
Crash-IDs: 12-X119HS and 12-B119UE
If you need any additional info, ready to send.

Before that, repeatedly updated and didn't experience any problems with the operation or app launch

Beta Releases / MC 5.5.1 build 1980 failed to read config file
« on: August 18, 2015, 19:55:27 »
After update to current beta version 5.5.1 build 1980 from previous beta (maximum 7 days have passed since previous update, it worked without any problems) I see error messages:
Failed to open or read config file: C:\Program Files\MultiCommander\Config\MultiCommander.xml
It might be corrupt try to replace it with a backup or delete it.

Failed to open or read config file: C:\Documents and Seiings\<Profile name>\Application Data\MultiCommander\Config\MultiCommander.xml
It might be corrupt try to replace it with a backup or delete it.

Both messages are shown several times.

Tried to pack xml files and deleted both MultiCommander.xml files, but problem is still present.

OS Microsoft Windows XP SP3

P.S. By the way, comma is missing (after word corrupt) in English version of error message - It might be corrupt, try to replace it with a backup or delete it.

If in Configuration - Explorer panel settings... - Layout tab - I switch off "Device dropdown list", Alt+F1/F2 stop working.
For me "Drive buttons" is enough (I don't need dropdown list), but IMHO Alt+F1/F2 should work always (as it is done in all other file managers).

Multi Commander 3.5.1 build 1530

Create any file in russian, for example "тестовый документ с русскими буквами в названии.txt". In Windows Explorer (under Windows XP SP3) right click on that file and select Send to - Compressed zip folder. Now we get archive "тестовый документ с русскими буквами в названии.zip"
If we try to open such archive with Multi Commander, we see only inexplicable symbols instead of russian.

In other commanders (like Total Commander or FreeCommander XE) the same file is opened without any problems.

If we pack file "тестовый документ с русскими буквами в названии.txt" using Multi Commander in zip format, content of archive is shown correctly.

Support and Feedback / Any plans to support new RAR5 format archives?
« on: September 04, 2013, 19:32:18 »
Now MC could not open, list archive content or unpack RAR5 archives. Files could have old RAR extension or WR5 or RAR5.
We see error message:
Failed to open volume: <full pathname>
Unknown error (0)

Support and Feedback / MC failes to start after last update
« on: August 01, 2013, 14:54:02 »
After program update till Release v3.3 (Build 1446) (31-Jul-2013) MC fails to start on Windows XP Pro Rus 32 bit and show error message "Procedure entry point InitializeCriticalSectionEx not found in library DLL Kernel32.dll"
in Russian - "Точка входа в процедуру InitializeCriticalSectionEx не найдена в библиотеке DLL Kernel32.dll"

Previous version 3.2 (Build 1430) (16-Jun-2013) worked without any problems.

MultiCommander 3.3 build 1442 32 bit edition from Jul 28 2013 (and earlier versions)

Selecting files with Shift + Arrow Down/Up does not seem to work as it should.

The last file (the one under cursor) is selected as well, while it should not be. Also it is impossible to deselect files with Shift + Arrow Down/Up.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / MC and Listary integration
« on: March 09, 2013, 13:48:06 »
Listary already have support of most file managers.
Do you have any plans to contact with Listary developers? It would be great to include MultiCommander support in upcoming versions of Listary.

May be I was looking bad in settings, but could not find option "Go to the next item after selecting with spacebar" (I think there is no need to explain what this option should do).
Also not quite understand the logic of the file selection. For example, I select several files in C:\1\, after that change directory to C:\2\ and again return to C:\1\ and see, that files are still selected in it. And I have to deselect them manually. It is very inconvinient. Suggest to make option in setings like "Do not store selection after changing folder" or change program behaviour. All file managers do not store selection after changing folder.
All is done in MC 3.0 build 1330.

In find files there is need for several new options:
1. In "Look in" make button with selection of drives and types of drives to perform searching on: All drives; All local drives; or ability to select particular drive; or ability to select several drives (with Shift and Ctrl) - ex. C:\; D:\; and so on. At the moment it is very uncomfortable to set necessary drives manually.
2. New option "Search in archives" with archive files filter - ex.: *.zip;*.rar or empty for all supported archive types.
3. Ability to use external converters for searching content in MS Office formats (rtf;docx;xlsx;pptx;doc;xls;ppt), Open/Libre Office formats (sxw;sxc;sxi;sxd;odt;ods;odp;odg), Adobe formats (pdf). There is a brilliant free tool for such purposes named xdoc2txt. And it's a pity that here it could not to be used.
4. Extend "Match dates" with new option "Not older than" - XXX minutes or hours or days or weeks or months or years.

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