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Support and Feedback / QuickSearch with accented characters
« on: February 08, 2023, 15:51:30 »
Multi Commander handles QuickSearch of accented characters differently than non-accented characters. I did some test and outlined my results below. I hope this behavior can be changed to make it the same as with non-accented characters.

The test setup

  • Windows treats filenames case-insensitive. 'A' is the same as 'a'. Also, 'Á' is the same as 'á'. This means that if I have a folder 'Ábc', Windows does not allow me to create a new folder 'ábc'.
  • I'm using version x64 12.8 (build 2929) Portable.
  • In Explorer Panel settings, 'Quick Search' is checked, 'Search field' is checked, 'Search for text parts anywhere' is unchecked, 'Search Keys' is set to 'Letter only'.
  • I have prepared a test folder with the following 2 folders and 2 files:

Code: [Select]
<Folder> Abc
<Folder> Ábc

My test results

  • I press the A key. Result: The Search field appears with a lower-case 'a' in it. Folder Abc is selected and I can jump between folder Abc and file abc.txt with the up-down cursor keys.
  • I press the SHIFT+A keys. Result: Same as above. This is a bit strange but somewhat understandable. The Search field contains a lower-case 'a', although I entered a capital 'A'. But I guess, this happens because Windows filenames are case-insensitive.
  • I press the Á key or the SHIFT+Á keys. Result: Nothing happens. The Search field does not appear and file selection is not changed. I would expect the selection to jump to folder Ábc and I should be able to jump between folder Ábc and file ábc.txt with the up-down cursor keys. Also, the Search field should appear and contain a lower-case á.
  • I press the A key. The Search field appears with a lower-case 'a'. I press BACKSPACE and then SHIFT+Á. The Search field now contains a capital 'Á'. Result: The selection jumps to folder Ábc. The cursor keys do nothing. This is almost okay, but I would expect to be able to jump between folder Ábc and file ábc.txt with the up-down cursor keys.
  • I press the A key. The Search field appears with a lower-case 'a'. I press BACKSPACE and then Á. The Search field now contains a lower-case 'á'. Result: The selection jumps to file ábc.txt. The cursor keys do nothing. This has two problems. 1. The selection should jump to folder Ábc. 2. I would expect to be able to jump between folder Ábc and file ábc.txt with the up-down cursor keys.

Overall, I see two problems:
  • Quick Search is not activated by accented keys. Therefore, I cannot search for files or folders whose name starts with an accented character.
  • Once Quick Search is activated (by a non-accented key), search for accented characters is case sensitive. This should not be true because Windows treats filenames case-insensitive.

Using English keyboard

To enter accented characters on an English keyboard, make sure NumLock is ON and
  • to enter á, hold ALT then type 160 on the numeric keypad, then release ALT
  • to enter Á, hold ALT then type 0193 (leading zero included) on the numeric keypad, then release ALT

I checked and my test results can be reproduced with an English keyboard. But I'm happy to help if more testing is needed.

I noticed a confusing but not fatal behavior in MC. Here is the way to reproduce it:

  • Navigate to a folder where you have at least 3 files: File1, File2 and File3.
  • Select File1 and File2 with the Insert key. This way the cursor will be on File3.
  • Right-click on File1 to display the Windows context-menu. Immediately File3 becomes selected.
  • If now you select and operation it will only be carried out on File1 and File2 which is correct. But it is confusing that File3 is shown as selected.
  • Close the Windows context-menu, for example, with the ESC key. You still see all 3 files as selected. The cursor is on File1.
  • Press the Insert key to deselect File1. This will also deselect File3 and only File2 remains selected. If instead of the Insert key you press the Cursor down key, File3 will be deselected and File1 and File2 remain selected.

I'm not sure if I miss something here but the expected behavior would be to never show File3 selected because the user never selected it. Showing File3 as selected suggests the user that the operation in the Windows context-menu will be carried out on 3 files although the user has only selected 2 files.
Sorry if this is a duplicate post but it was very hard to come up with keywords to search for a similar post.

Support and Feedback / Rename locked file
« on: January 21, 2017, 12:44:32 »
MC has a frustrating behavior I have noticed more than one time when I tried to rename locked files. Here is how to reproduce the problem:
  • Take a file, for example a Word document, and open it in Word so it becomes locked.
  • Try to rename the file in MC.
  • You get a popup window which gives you 3 options: "Do you want to search for processes that are using the file/folder?" Yes, No, Cancel.
  • No matter which one you click, you lose the new name of the file you've just entered because MC exits the rename mode.
This is especially frustrating when the new file name is long or it was hard to enter for some reason.

Would it be possible that at least when I select "Cancel" then MC simply returns to rename mode (where I was before) and lets me close the file in Word manually and retry the rename by simply pressing Enter and not having to enter the new name again?

Support and Feedback / Inline rename works strange
« on: October 16, 2014, 17:41:30 »
I experience a strange behavior with inline rename. When I press F2 on a file in the explorer panel, I can rename it inline. (I can't remember if F2 is the default key or I customized it to be F2.)
However, when at least two files are selected in the same folder, and I press F2, I get a popup to move the files to the other panel.

The steps to reproduce the problem, using the attached screenshot:
  • Put 3 files in a folder
  • Select 2 files
  • Position the cursor on the 3rd (unselected) file. On the attached screenshot it is Test.txt.
  • Press your key for inline rename (for me it is F2)
  • Instead of rename, you get a popup to move the selected files
This problem does not happen if only 1 file is selected

I would appreciate any help.

Support and Feedback / File viewer for focused file
« on: September 19, 2014, 19:46:59 »
I'm a new user of Multi Commander and I managed to replicate almost every functionality I used to use in Altap Salamander, but I have a few problems. One of them is the following:
I configured IrfanView as an External Program in File Type Setup for JPG files.
Let's imagine I have 4 JPG files in a folder. 3 of them are selected. I focus on the 4th file and press F3. The desired behavior is to view the 4th file in IrfanView. But this does not happen. Instead, the 1st selected file is shown in IrfanView. This happens because MC passes the list of selected files to IrfanView, and not the focused file.
This problem has partly already been discussed here:,1121.msg3810.html This post tells that ${focusfilepath} is (sadly) not available in File Type Setup.
My question is: is there any way to get my desired behavior? (Show focused file in external viewer.)
It does not make too much sense anyway to pass the list of selected files to IrfanView, since it can only show 1 image, and then you can use the cursor buttons within IrfanView to navigate between files

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