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Support and Feedback / Scenario where TabSession cannot be closed
« on: April 16, 2020, 17:29:10 »
If Multi Commander is closed while a TabSession is open, the TabSession re-opens on startup (which is fine). Unfortunately, after doing so, "File > Tab Sessions > Close Current TabSession" has the effect of re-loading that same tab session (I'd imagine because it's loading the auto-saved session information from when the program was last closed).

As far as I can tell, this makes it (nearly) impossible to get back into a state outside of tab sessions, which also prevents the most recent tab layout from being dynamically saved and re-opened upon program start.

The only workaround I've found once in this state is to delete all saved TabSessions. To avoid this state, I must always remember to use "File > Tab Sessions > Close Current TabSession" before exiting. I'd imagine that disabling the save on exit setting would prevent this behavior, but I'd like to keep that setting enabled.

I'm currently running MultiCommander v9.6.1 (Build 2582) (64 bit).

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