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So I do a search. I get results in RES1:. I drag width of Path column to increase it's width. I select a file. I delete file. RES1: refreshes with file deleted but Path column shrinks to original width.

Is there a way to prevent the resizing of the path column after I delete? I tried to adjust Autosize Columns & Customize Columns but what I did not work.


Support and Feedback / Find Files dialog greyed out after search
« on: January 20, 2020, 06:12:26 »
Is there a reason why sometimes after performing a Find Files the Find Files Dialog is greyed out? I can't change any of the values. If I close and reopen the dialog it is still grey out. I have to exit Multi Commander and restart it.

Are there any rules regarding directory or file names that might affect this?

Am I doing something wrong? I've been using MC for a few years and I believe this problem only started in the last few months.

Multi Commander (x64) v9.6 build 2580. Windows 10 Pro Version 1903


Support and Feedback / Latest version & PhraseExpress
« on: January 15, 2020, 21:22:28 »
FYI, the latest version causes at least one of my PhraseExpress script to no longer work. It was working with the Beta before this version 9.5.3 (2578)

The script executes the following:
- press ALT+T to open the Tools menu bar - still works
- press the down arrow 10 time to select rename - this does not work. Now - no matter how many times I send the down arrow - it opens the Change attributes and/or time dialog.
- press the right arrow once
- press the up arrow once
- press the enter key


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