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Currently I have some file Drive C and these files are encrypted with my account. When I copy these files to USB or another drive then these files still have been encrypted.
Please add option in profile of Copy so that user can decrypt these encrypted files.

Yes, this issue is fixed in 11.2 b2794 RC

With latest version of RC 11.2.2792 then REG extension(FSRegítry.dl 1.86) is broken. I cannot navigate in Windows Registry. I downgraded to v11 official then it works well

Beta Releases / Re: v11.1 ** BETA ** (Updated 5-Apr)
« on: June 08, 2021, 05:18:53 »
Thanks your answer.

Currently I set MC is always run: In Tray Icon of Core Setting I check "Minimize to tray instead of closing". When I set this option then I cannot restart "MC as Administrator". Could you allow to restart MC as Administrator when I enable this "Minimize to tray instead of closing"


Beta Releases / Re: v11.1 ** BETA ** (Updated 5-Apr)
« on: June 04, 2021, 03:32:04 »
Hi @Mathias,

ADDED - Added new command to open folder in new tab or in other panel
ADDED - MultiCommander part in shell menu now show a command for "Open in New Tab" / "New Tab Other Panel"

I use portable version so How do I can use these items with command-line?
Thank you so much your the best File Manager

I know I can set color for tab in "Color tab". I meant we can allow to set color of inactive and active tab separate in Explorer Panel.

Currently when I change color of tab then color of inactive and active tab is the same.
I think Configuration should allow set color of Inactive Tab and Active Tab in current Panel as attached file

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Misc requests
« on: November 08, 2019, 03:17:18 »
Yes I voted this "Directory Sync"

Hello Matias.
I am very happy to see a new version in 2019. In fact I had abandonned MultiCommander because I thouhgt you had left Multicommander (no blog, no news, no versions, at least to my knowledge)
I had experimented with others products (even some paid products) but not the same speed and easy work as MultiCommander. I wonder why you don't try to get some paid versions and get more involvements.
Now I have loaded V9.1 but till not find Directory Sync.
This is something I think is very usefull and it is on you "things to do" for many years. Not a priority?
Well, I hope to see how you can improve you product.

Feature Request:
1- Directory Sync
2- More supported product


This issue only happen when I force change tab name. I think forced tab name should be inherit from name from locked tab

When I set lock and force change name of tab then I open folder in this tab then MC will open new tab with name of folder.

As observation: Name of new tab is always Forced Tab Name of locked tab

Expectation: "Name of new tab should be folder name even if it is open from locked tab and forced changing name.

Hello !
I downloaded few minutes ago the x64 version and i really love it ! its so great !
Now i have two basic questions i have, and i didnt find in the options ... or i am blind, dont know.
And as i said, as totally noob with this great soft ... the questions are:
I am in a folder, with 4 files (for example) and a subfolder. How can i set it to choose only files and not subfolder when i press * ? So for example ... i have:
So, when i press * the software ONLY select files and NOT subfolder ...
1. In filter of this panel you add * before or after default value like "**.*" or "*.**" to show only Files.
2. If you only show Folders then add "\" or "-" before default value "*.*"
Thank you !

And the last question:
I have the superior panel with units and menu and all things I need.
How do i remove / not display the things in the bottom so the panels are bigger? is it possible?
You can check attached image for set number of button at bottom panel and change function. Configuration menu and document for more helps
Thank you !

And greetings from Rosario.

This issue is fixed in v9.1 beta b2552

This issue is fixed completely in v9.1 b2552

Hi Mathias,

I add MC as item in Context Menu so I hit this case. This case does not happen if there is no instance of MC.
MC v9.1 build 2548

1. Run MC, minimize MC
2. Right click anywhere in Windows Explorer (not to right click on file or folder. Only click background) and call MC from context menu
3. MC open this folder as tab in MC well

As observation: "Device dropdown list" doesn't works with this tab although others tabs work well with "Device dropdown list".

This issue doesn't happen if we run cmd from MC to test this case.

Beta Releases / Re: Multi Commander 9.1 **BETA**
« on: September 17, 2019, 04:23:36 »
Hi Mathias,

When is new beta MC released?


Hi Mathias,

Currently I hit the issue every time I open MC from context menu of Win, because I add Run open MC from context menu when I right click on win then MC add open folder in left panel but it there is no MC is running then MC will open folder at left panel and close my locked tab on LEFT PANEL. Locked Tabs at right Panel are closed.

I think Tab is marked as Locked at Left Panel then they should not be closed when open MC with "/OPEN". This issue only happen when there is no MC running.

It's great. I missed third tab in File Type Setup.
Thanks alot

Yes. I also love this feature.

Hope @Mathias can take free time to investigate and implement this extension because there some cloud provider as Dropbox set limit for 3 device so this feature can help us.

Hi Mathias,

Currently when we add config in "File Type Setup" then user use shortcut key as "F1" or "View File" then MC will open file with config from "File Type Setup". I like it.

If MC can support more with double click then MC also open file like user hit "F1" or "View File" menu item instead open file with default setting from Windows. If user like to run from default of Windows then he can run from "Windows Shell".

In Windows Explorer if I open ".txt" file then Windows open Notepad. In MC if user set in "File Type Setup" with "Notepad++" to view file .txt then when I double click this file MC will call Notepad++ to open txt file. If user like open from default of Windows then he can right click and open from "Windows Shell".

I believe everyone like this enhancement so I hope you can consider this request and enhance to bring MC the best.


Hi Mathias,

There are some fan also hit this issue so i re-create video for detail from step create new command.
Please check video again

Yes that was what I did.
I do not get it to fail.
I fix the other crash related to this. Might be that it also fixes you issue. Was a kind of memory issue. so it can act different on different system.

It's strange because I hit this issue on PC at office and at home. Anyway I will check later when you release next beta
Note: I use MC as Portable so it has the same setting.

You meant you assign new command to sub-menu? I also see  disabled item if i assign command to 2 submenu of 2 menu then command is disabled in 1 submenu and another submenu is removed out menu.

To reproduce, you should create new structures menu as i added in post 1.

Hi Mathias,

This is steps:
1. Create new 3 user defined commands: Command_1, Command_2, Command_3
2. Create new Root "Security" Menu
3. Create new sub menu in "Sub-Security" menu
4. Add 3 commands from step 1 into "Sub-Security" menu as below:
  • Security Menu
    • Sub-Security Sub-Menu
      • Command_1
      • Command_2
      • Command_3

5. Restart MC to make sure everything work OK with sub menu and added commands
6. Open "User Defined Command" dialog to delete 1 in 3 commands and close dialog:
    Example: delete Command_2 and save then close dialog.
7. Click "Security" menu

As observation: Whole "Sub-Security" menu is removed out "Security" menu.

Workaround for this issue: Open file "UserMenu.xml" and delete menu item. Then open "User Defined Command" dialog to delete.

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