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Documentation / Re: Missing Documentation - Status
« on: May 19, 2024, 00:08:33 »
I discovered TabSessions by myself, so I am not quite aware of what exists about this.
Can you confirm the documentation is still missing ?
I imagine the preferred format is HTML ?
Any stylesheet ready ? Right that for this I can have a look in the existing pages.

Documentation / Re: Missing Documentation - Status
« on: May 11, 2024, 03:20:46 »

I am searching about the date/time formats, where it is proposed to create a folder named by the date.

I saw that dddddd formats 2 figures for the year, two for the month, and two for the date in month. I was not used to consider that obvious.

In fact, perhaps the difficulty is to situate the exact context to use.
I later saw the Microsoft format is used, so I did not know exactly how this dddddd format was used.

I had to grope around but eventually created a folder with the date format I wanted.

Support and Feedback / Preview of webp files
« on: October 04, 2023, 19:58:56 »
Hello everybody,

For pictures in format webp, there is no preview, just a white rectangle.

Is it something I did not install properly ?

Support and Feedback / Re: Font sizes
« on: May 25, 2021, 11:52:10 »
The scale is already at 125%. I made an attempt at 150%, but many parts of the screen were not visible.
The drop-down font is readable, but as you say they are cut off at part of the text, as their width is not adapted.
This is the problem that would appear on the whole system with 150% -and some applications would not even have any place on the screen.
In fact there are only two parts that are still written too little : the menus, and the tips window at opening.
It is quite possible that the solution would be to go back to Windows XP, that did not arise all those problems.

Support and Feedback / Re: Font sizes
« on: May 25, 2021, 01:10:03 »
Hello, thank you for your answer.
Of course, the first thing I did when receiving my machine was to increase the Windows standard font size. But I am afraid this is common to the whole system, and any new change that side will destabilize the whole display of the system.
After increasing the standard font size of the system, I had to increase the fonts to display each application. I began by Visual Studio, then the application for xml display needed a new version to solve this problem.
Maybe I have a memory problem, as the fonts settings are grouped, and you already indicated it to me for the files lists.
I should have said I saw only one font size before asking the question, and I see four ones now. But that seems strange, more probably my remembering lacks precision.
Now, I can read the sizes that are written down the tabs, that can be useful.
About the disks lists (Alt F1, Alt F2), are they affected by one of those four font sizes ?
For your information, it seems the texts in French, in the settings, for the labels in front of each font size, are maybe somewhat larger than those you wrote in English, so I only see the beginnings, and I have to guess what comes after that (some drop-down lists have that problem too). As there are only four font sizes, it is not a big problem as I can test all four, until I find the good one.
Do you think there is a possibility to choose the font for the menus ?
Yours faithfully
(I tried to put a screen copy, but it does not appear on the preview ; it is a png picture, it seems it should do it.)

Support and Feedback / Font sizes
« on: May 19, 2021, 02:41:23 »
You know, I do not see as well as 20 years ago ; and this is the main reason why I use multi-commander. You were very reactive about the font size to display the file names, thank you for that.
Some other areas of the UI would deserve attention on the same aspect.
Maybe the menus (dropdown and contextual) are the most often read. The file size area down the two panels is not obvious as there is rich information compared to the place available for it, so probably increasing the font size on it would require some more work to give it place to display.
I saw a few threads in the forum dedicated to readability, and I must admit I was unable to take profit of them. The drives lists (Alt F1 / Alt F2) loose their font in some badly identified situations I have read somewhere : this induces you can choose a font somewhere. Well sorry, I do not know where. Somewhere you mention the explorer settings, do you mean the Windows Explorer ? Oh, I came as I was pretty sure there was no easy way to modify the font there.
So, perhaps it is a question of documentation, I did not look at the correct place ?
Maybe I could better discover some other aspects of MultiCommander if did not have to spend so much time on opening the Windows lens and closing it again.
For instance, when opening the software you have a nice dialog to display tips, but I can only read that dialog with the Windows lens (the magnifier).

Do you have any idea how to choose the font to display this ?

Tips and Tricks / Compare folders
« on: April 07, 2021, 17:20:09 »
Hello everybody,

I presume on Multicommander, there is a simple way to list file names that present in one panel and not the other ?
Where should I look for that ?

Tips and Tricks / View and zoom, 2
« on: March 11, 2021, 00:31:31 »

I was about to answer to "View and zoom" [1], but I am not sure about whether Daveme wants to stay updated.

So, you change the fonts for the file names by Configuration, Explorer panel (and ... scroll to the point  :D )

Hum, already much better, I should have guessed I should find that in the documentation (you know, I came to Multi-Commander because the font in the Windows explorer is definitely too little).

For the title bar and the menu bar I used System Font Size Changer (from, but I see there are still buttons down there with little fonts.
I should have guessed Configuration / Preferences, but ... perhaps not ?

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