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As already told in December 2016 MC does not refresh the Dropdown drive list after changing the mapping between a drive letter and a network share. If a mapping already exists before MC starts, it is shown correctly. If you delete this letter it will vanish from the drop down list. If you map this drive letter to another share, the drive letter will be shown again in the drop down list and the drive bar but it shows the wrong (original) mapping in the drop down list and in the tooltip of the drive letter bar.

This error resp. incomplete implementation of drive mapping changes is very annoying if you are working in a company with many PCs and network shares and you have (older) batches which requires drive mappings instead of unc pathes.

So I'm wondering why this error could not be fixed in the last 8 months. Does no one else care about it? Is my description not clear enough to understand the problem?

Support and Feedback / Problem with Hotkeys
« on: December 31, 2016, 15:36:54 »
I defined two User defined Commands:

(Custom Commands, MC.CmdLineSet TEXT=${leftpath})


(Custom Commands, MC.CmdLineSet TEXT=${rightpath})

Then I assigned Hotkeys:
LeftPath2Cmdline = STRG + ß
RightPath2Cmdline = STRG + AKUT
Altap Salamander has a similar function on this hotkeys and I miss this so much in MC. Therefore I don't want to switch to other hotkeys.

The defined hotkeys work only in the MC session where I assigned the hotkeys. Next time when MC starts both hotkeys do not work anymore. Tested in MC 6.9.1 (build 2306) 64bit in german Windows 10 Professional with german keyboard layout (but MC still in english language).

Any hint how I can get this hotkeys to work?

With Quick launch bar I can start my favorites programs from MC, very nice feature. Some programs I want to open as administrator. This could be choosen from context menu. But I have to choose this on every quicky launch of the choosen program.

Would it be possible to change the "Open as Administrator" to a sticky option. So first click writes a hook before this option. Then afterwards a single left click on the quick launch icon should open this programm as administrator. This setting should be stick until you click the "Open as Administrator" again (deassigning the hook).

Assume that W: is mapped to \\pc1\c$. Then I see in the panel drop down list:
(W:) c$ (\\pc1)
and I see W: in the drive bar.

If I disconnect the drive W: then W: disappears from panel drop down list and from drive bar.

If I then connect W: to \\pc2\d$ then W: appears again on panel drop down list and on drive bar. But in panel drop down list is not shown the expected
(W:) d$ (\\pc2)

Instead the old mapping is shown:
(W:) c$ (\\pc1)

Of course W: is correctly connected to \\pc2\d$ only the wrong (old) mapping is shown.

The mapping/disconnecting commands are done from Windows. I'm pretty sure that Windows informs all opened programs about the changes in drive letters. MC get the info (W: disappears from drive bar) but on a new mapping MC does not re-read all connected network drives and therefore uses the old values from first mapping.

At work I have to manage several hundreds of PCs. So remapping drive letters is often be done. Therefore it's a bit confusing if the wrong mapping is shown.

Support and Feedback / Odd behaviour with zip
« on: December 15, 2016, 21:00:08 »
f I get a portable program as zip, then I usually create a subdir within C:\Program Files (x86)\ (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\CsvQuickView). Then I open this subdir in the left panel, the zip (e.g. in the right panel. Then I try to copy the files from the zip to the program files subdir. Copying starts and progress without any error messages but the files are not copied.

If I create the subdir in D:\ (e.g. D:\CsvQuickView\) then I can copy from zip to subdir without problems. If I then copy from D:\CsvQuickView\ to C:\Program Files (x86)\CsvQuickView\ then I can copy without any problems.

I tried this on several PCs (W7 and W10 with UAC disabled, logged in with local admin rights, running MC as Admin) and all had the same odd behaviour. On the same PCs other commanders had no problem with the same procedure.

I know that the Program Files directories are System directories and that the access rights differ from a subdir on D:\. Maybe the actual access rights to C:\Program Files are not considered when unpacking from zip?

Or does this depends on my MC configuration? Any hints appreciated.

Create a batch called Test_command_bar_parameters.cmd with the following lines:
@echo off
echo file name = %0
echo Parameter 1 = %1
echo Parameter 2 = %2
echo Parameter 3 = %3
echo Parameter 4 = %4
echo Parameter 5 = %5

Open a command prompt (cmd.exe) and run the command:
Test_command_bar_parameters.cmd This is a simple Test

You will get the following output:
file name = Test_command_bar_parameters.cmd
Parameter 1 = This
Parameter 2 = is
Parameter 3 = a
Parameter 4 = simple
Parameter 5 = Test
Press any key to continue . . .

Now run the same command from MCs command bar and you will get the output:
file name = "D:\Test_command_bar_parameters.cmd"
Parameter 1 =
Parameter 2 =
Parameter 3 =
Parameter 4 =
Parameter 5 =
Press any key to continue . . .

So only the first "word" is parsed from MC to the command prompt.

I have this behaviour with MC v6.4.8 (build 2265) 64 bit Edition on W7 and W10. Is this a bug or depends this from my settings?

Tips and Tricks / Good external CSV Viewer
« on: October 04, 2016, 21:19:04 »
I'm not sure where to post tips for good external viewers/editors for MC. Coming from Altap Salamander I was missing a good csv viewer which could handle different formats (delimiter, quotes) itself and where I'm able to mark and copy a column (e.g. only hostnames from an exported csv report).

Found this:

Unfortunately only in english but otherwise exactly what I was looking for.

With Ctrl+Enter you can paste the focussed dir name or file name to the command bar. With Ctrl+P you can paste the focussed dir or file name including the full path to the clipboard (and paste it with Ctrl+v to the focussed command bar).

Sometimes I need to paste only the current directory to the command bar. Therefore I suggest to add the following key strokes:

Ctrl+[ Insert the full name of the current directory in the left panel to the
Command Bar (as shown under the Dropdown list, so with trailing \)

Ctrl+] Insert the full name of the current directory in the right panel to the
Command Bar (as shown under the Dropdown list, so with trailing \)

Any suggestions how this could be achieved with user defined commands and keyboard customization are welcome.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Map Network Drive Wizard
« on: October 02, 2016, 16:06:54 »
I'm new to MultiCommander, maybe I don't know yet all of the many features. As IT employee I have often to work with other devices, so I use often mappings to network shares. I miss functions to connect network shares to drive letters. I know that you can simply start the "map network drive wizard" (known from Windows Explorer) with the following command:
Rundll32 Shell32.dll,SHHelpShortcuts_RunDLL Connect

I think I could create a user defined command but maybe this would be of public interest and could be generally included to MC.

Unfortunately there is no known command to show the disconnect network drive wizard (known from Windows Explorer) but right-click on a drive letter in the drive bar will show the disconnect command for this single drive.

If you use drive letters for UNC network paths, then the drive letter is shown between server and share.

Example: In Command window you can set an example network path to your local drive C:
net use R: \\localhost\c$

Then in the Device Dropdown this is shown as:
(\\localhost) (R:) c$

I would prefer to see the drive letter first:
(R:) (\\localhost\c$)

Is there any chance to set the drive letter to the left side?

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