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Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: support for \\wsl$ ?
« on: May 10, 2022, 08:20:04 »
If you type in the $WSL path then MC will display it.  It is just that the $WSL does not show up in the tree

e.g. \\wsl$\Ubuntu-20.04\

See attached

Hi Mathias,

It is the same behaviour regardless of the folder.  I have also noticed that there is a similar and possibly related issue when creating folders.  The treeview does not update until I click on it when I have created a folder.  See the attached.  I have created a folder called aaaaaa.  Treeview displays New Folder but has not updated when the folder has been created.  If I click on the treeview window it then updates


I have a bit of a weird issue in that I have noticed that Multi Commander does not update correctly when folders are deleted via the system context e.g. Right Mouse Click on a folder and then delete from the context menu.  The folder name still displays even though it has been deleted.  Validated by opening Windows explorer. This works correctly if I use the internal F8.  I suspect that there is an issue with a file listener for the application.  I am running with Multi Commander (x64) v11.2 (build 2795).

Is there a setting that I can configure to resolve this?

Is there a way to return the current MC Explorer ViewMode using MultiScript
example usage would be to toggle between Thumbnail view and the default

i.e. if (ViewMode MODE == 1) {
         MC.Explorer.SetViewMode MODE=3
      else {
         MC.Explorer.SetViewMode MODE=1

The issue crops up when the "Minimize to tray instead of closing" option is set in the Core settings.  One would do that so that MC is in the background and starts quickly.  The only way then to close the app is via File -> Exit.  Pressing the close window X only minimizes MC.  If you select File -> Exit you then get the following message in a message box

Sure you want to exit Multi Commander?

There is no way to suppress that message! It would be nice not to have to answer Yes every single time I want to actually exit MC given the core setting above

Hi Matthias, I would have way too many windows open by the end of the day to adopt that strategy.  It is also not the best in terms of memory usage.  The obvious reason not to close MC on minimize is speed of launching.  But there are also genuine reasons for wanting to close MC altogether as well.  Having an extra dialog to say "are you sure" is just an annoyance.

I was hoping that this could be a replacement for GPS Directory Opus which I have used for many years but now want to move away from.  MC has a lot of potential!


Alt+Space is used by Microsoft PowerToys which I use i.e. cannot use Alt + Space + N

It would be nice to have a Configuration option to bypass the "are you sure you want to exit" dialog when selecting file -> exit

It is especially useful in the scenario where one has opted to minimize rather than close MC

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