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I have a bit of a weird issue in that I have noticed that Multi Commander does not update correctly when folders are deleted via the system context e.g. Right Mouse Click on a folder and then delete from the context menu.  The folder name still displays even though it has been deleted.  Validated by opening Windows explorer. This works correctly if I use the internal F8.  I suspect that there is an issue with a file listener for the application.  I am running with Multi Commander (x64) v11.2 (build 2795).

Is there a setting that I can configure to resolve this?

Is there a way to return the current MC Explorer ViewMode using MultiScript
example usage would be to toggle between Thumbnail view and the default

i.e. if (ViewMode MODE == 1) {
         MC.Explorer.SetViewMode MODE=3
      else {
         MC.Explorer.SetViewMode MODE=1

It would be nice to have a Configuration option to bypass the "are you sure you want to exit" dialog when selecting file -> exit

It is especially useful in the scenario where one has opted to minimize rather than close MC

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