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Sometimes it is nice to have "your own" personally registered copy of software in return for a donation, for example.

Good day!

I want to start MC in the current folder while browsing the files using the standard Windows Explorer. Is that possible?


I miss some global hotkey for opening the Multi Commander from the system tray. Every time I have to click the icon with the mouse. Would love to have something like double Ctrl or similar.

P.S. and for minimizing as well. Many software comes with built-in activation shortcuts, like WizFile for example.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / To highlight the active tab more.
« on: December 20, 2021, 03:25:31 »
Dear Mathias,

In MultiCommander I found everything I need to work with files. But I find it is difficult to tell which tab is active at the moment. I may have 5-10 fixed tabs but all of them look similar to the active one. In my opinion, the active tab should be emphasized more )

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