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I have two minor feature requests:

1. When I start to give a name to a Tab, it would be nice to have the text field already prefilled with the current folder name so to avoid typing it in. As of now that field is empty. Naturally, one wants to give the tab the name of the folder, I believe..

2. When the new Tab is created out from the locked tab it inherits the color of that locked tab if this was customised. In my opinion, if the name was not copied, the color should not be copied as well.

This happens only if one gives the file name other than MultiCommander_ConfigBackup, I think.!AjdsXoty9xN2g2plfUkGr2WljrUA

Dear Mathias,

I noticed, that a new MC backup file is created without a .zip extension. If I still need a new file I must first make a copy of the existing file, rename it, and only then use it as a new backup file.

Yes, thanks!

also File -> New -> Explorer Panel


If I accidentally closed all tabs on a pane how to restore it after? For me, nothing helps...


Sometimes it is nice to have "your own" personally registered copy of software in return for a donation, for example.

This was a hint to include this option by default as the main file browser in Windows is still Windows Explorer I often need to switch from it to MC.

After some research, I understood that this is not an easy task. The best what I can do is to use "FileMenu Tools" that can start the MC in the current folder but only if MC has not been started yet. If it is started it just opens where it was.

This option is common for FastStone Image Viewer or Far Manager.

Good day!

I want to start MC in the current folder while browsing the files using the standard Windows Explorer. Is that possible?


I miss some global hotkey for opening the Multi Commander from the system tray. Every time I have to click the icon with the mouse. Would love to have something like double Ctrl or similar.

P.S. and for minimizing as well. Many software comes with built-in activation shortcuts, like WizFile for example.

Tips and Tricks / Re: images
« on: January 26, 2022, 22:09:25 »
To work with images in that way you may try FastStone Image Viewer

Feature Requests and Suggestions / To highlight the active tab more.
« on: December 20, 2021, 03:25:31 »
Dear Mathias,

In MultiCommander I found everything I need to work with files. But I find it is difficult to tell which tab is active at the moment. I may have 5-10 fixed tabs but all of them look similar to the active one. In my opinion, the active tab should be emphasized more )

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