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Support and Feedback / Re: MultiDataViewer profile loading
« Last post by Geobomatic on Today at 14:42:03 »
Good luck! And thank you for this piece of software!
Ahh okey.. I will check
Support and Feedback / Re: MultiDataViewer profile loading
« Last post by Geobomatic on Today at 14:28:02 »
ok, seems that viewmode to anything else than 0 breaks the feature :-/
I did a quick test and it worked..

it generated this config

Code: [Select]
<viewprofile id="1" viewmode="0" name="MD">
      <hyperlinks value="-1"/>
      <rowlines value="-1"/>
      <strips value="-1"/>
      <linenum value="-1"/>
      <font value="Courier New,10"/>
      <colortheme value="010da1290a854944b33c5301d2662521"/>
      <fullpathfilter value="0"/>
      <filter value="*.md"/>
      <formater value="auto"/>

I dont see any reason for your profile should not work.
Not sure what your issue is.. I can't recreate it.
When copying/moving using Drag and drop on the same drives the default action is Move.
When I recerate it I just select some files and then drop them into a sub folder in the same panel.

( Btw No. hotkeys are faster and simpler if you know how to use it :) And you do not have to move the mouse and hit exact points.. but if you are not used to keyboard navigation and its hotkeys it can ofcourse be more complicted and not so simple to use, So thats why drag and drop is also supported..)
Support and Feedback / MultiDataViewer profile loading
« Last post by Geobomatic on Today at 14:14:23 »

I'm having issue with the profile loading feature.

I've put

in the "Auto select profile - File matching filter" field, underneath checkbox not checked but when opening a .md file, the profile does not load :-/

Code: [Select]
<viewprofile id="1" viewmode="4" name="Markdown">
      <hyperlinks value="-1"/>
      <rowlines value="-1"/>
      <strips value="-1"/>
      <linenum value="-1"/>
      <font value="Courier New,10"/>
      <colortheme value="15563eb63f354962ae2bdad91c749de1"/>
      <fullpathfilter value="0"/>
      <filter value="*.md"/>
      <formater value=""/>

exemple of a file I'm opening:

What am I missing?
Is this possible? I'm trying to move files inside a folder to a subfolder within the folder the files are currently in. An example to illustrate:

1. Files are currently in C:\files
2. I want to move the files (using drag & drop) into C:\files\morefiles
3. By default, build 2404 wants to copy the files even though the files aren't being copied to another drive
4. Holding shift only allows me to move one file at a time

I know I can use the hotkeys but that defeats the simplicity of drag & drop. I deal with many PDFs on a daily basis and sort them by general contractor. As such, using hotkeys would be a time consuming process due to having to navigate to the target folder each time then having to deal with an extra copy of each file.
It's still not working. After selecting this option, it does not type the text in the command line bar, but it does not find the next file with the letter I typed. It used to type the letter in a box at the bottom of the explorer window and find the next file. It doesn't do either.
No it willl not jump to the next letter matching it automatically.. When typing likr that you are filtering the items against what you type. You can use arrow up/down to move to next / previous match.

And, a possibly unrelated problem, when I right-click on a file in the explorer pane, nothing happens.
Yes unreleated :), Depending on what default setup you selected.. Commander Style you have ContexMenu on double right click / or right click and hold.
with explorer styled setup you have it on normal right click.
You can customizer that in explorer panel settings -> mouse (tab)
Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: More space above rows in list view
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on February 19, 2018, 13:17:49 »
Not sure about that, a lot of people using this kind of file manager want to show as many files as possible.. and changing from 1 to 5 when running fullscreen. Will make the list show 9-14 items less per page. (depending button panel is visible and toolbar rows)
But many an easier way to change it
Support and Feedback / Re: Do not open alot of Tabs when starting MC
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on February 19, 2018, 12:58:26 »
Explorer Panel settings. at the bottom (almost)  "Save at exit" section

If you unclick remember open path. It will remember any of them

But I think tabsession might be better
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