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If you do not want it to remember all opened tabs then turn that off.
Where can i turn this off? Sorry i was searching now for a while and can't find a "remember all opened tabs"-option.

But the solution is: Core Settings> Startup> Tab Session> Autoload the tab session marked as: Load at startup

And creating a small tab session and mark this for Load at startup with File> Tab sessions> manage> Autoload this tab session at startup
Not sure what you want..

If you do not want it to remember all opened tabs then turn that off. You want it to open fixed tabs.. then use tabsession

Or you want it to analyze all the tabs you have open and not keep some of them based on what you want.. 

No, i don't like it when MC loading so many tabs with the same folder without any reason. Not i opened all this tabs, MC do this automatically while starting and this is not good. It seems to be hard to understand my bad english, sorry.

Moving to Support and Feedback was not necessary, because it's definitely a "Feature Requests and Suggestions" Thread.
Support and Feedback / Re: Regex in MDV?
« Last post by Ulfhednar on Yesterday at 18:54:03 »
Thanks for the confirmation Mathias ;)
1. When I'm in the explorer pane and I type a letter, it used to go to the first file that starts with that letter. On the new computer, when I type a letter it types the letter in the Command Line Field at the top, and does not go to the first file with that letter.
Press Ctrl + Alt and type a letter, this works. This is the feature.
2. When I right-click on a file in the explorer pane nothing happens.
Please use a double right click, or the Keyboard Butten left beside the right Ctrl Button.
Sorry - I cannot help - it works as expected for me!

BTW, please don't PM me.  I monitor this forum every couple of hours & I will check all new posts.
In Menu: Configuration > Explorer Settings > Keyboard Handling, uncheck "Forward keys to command line bar".

It's still not working. After selecting this option, it does not type the text in the command line bar, but it does not find the next file with the letter I typed. It used to type the letter in a box at the bottom of the explorer window and find the next file. It doesn't do either.

And, a possibly unrelated problem, when I right-click on a file in the explorer pane, nothing happens.

Any ideas?
Yes it should.
It is show so that you know where the symlink is going

You can change in Explorer Panel Settings.
(Copy and Paste into commandline field in MC  -> ":gosetting ExplorerPanel/layout/ShowLinkTargetInName" )
I'm talking about this.
The screenshot shows that this option is disabled.
Support and Feedback / Re: Do not open alot of Tabs when starting MC
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on February 17, 2018, 16:17:03 »
You mean that the name name is "\"

That is problably becuse you set the Tab settings to show the Folder name only and on the root there is no folder

(Copy and paste to commandline field   :gosetting ExplorerPanel/layout/tab/tabnamelook  )
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