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Script / Re: Create folder and move selected files
« Last post by pncdaspropagandas on Today at 16:51:34 »
Thanks Mathias. Now it is working!  :)
Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Move
« Last post by pncdaspropagandas on Today at 16:05:27 »
Ok, thanks!
However, I might maybe add a settings. if this is really causing an issue..  I try not to add settings for everything, because there is already to many settings. It is a jungle of settings already
This new feature is imo useless.
I find it invaluable.  I was extremely pleased when it was implemented :)
Script / Re: Create folder and move selected files
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on Today at 09:45:05 »
Problem is that script are normally not run in the background.. The run in the same context as the UI (because you can interact with the UI from script)
So when running a script that takes times.. the main UI will hang until the script is done.

You can tell MoveFile to not wait until it is done by adding "NOWAIT",  Then it will start all of the right after each other without waiting.

As I said..

It is out of the control of MC. when you show the Windows Shell Context menu and select default windows items in that. All that is handled by windows.
MC don't have any control over what happens after you pick and item. MC does not even know what item you picked.

But Are you sure ? When I test now the date/time of the extracted files are the same as the one inside the archive.
Same with FTP.. (But with ftp it can also depends on the server if MC is able to got that information from the server. some server do not provide it in a standard way)
Problem is that it can not be a default behaviour because lots of FTP server do not like if you login multiple times.
And since FTP is handled like a virtual filesystem in MC. it is causing some complexities. So it is not so easy. But I have it on my list. But when I get the time for something like this I don't know.

Support and Feedback / Re: search files as case-insensitive
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on Today at 09:26:35 »
In file search matching of filename ignore cases, so Trump and truMp and TruMP is found if you enter "trump" or "trump*"
For File content you have to check the "ignore case" checkbox

Regex, I don't know.  I'm no expert,  I think the regex variant is ECMAScript  (Like the one in JavaScript)
Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Move
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on Today at 09:16:03 »
Well it is kind of correct :)

The data is copied, and then the source is deleted.
It is not "moved" until source is deleted. :)

But maybe should be more generic..  Like
Transferred or  Processed   instead of copied
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