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Title: "Tooltip" poor name for "File Info" pop-up in Config. settings
Post by: Tom L on September 14, 2017, 18:08:14
In the View Mode Settings under the Display tab of Explorer Panel Settings, the Tooltip options affect the "File Information" pop-up which appears after hovering over a file for about a second.

It seems to me that "Tooltip" is a misleading name to give that pop-up.  In my experience, tooltips are pop-ups for tool icon buttons such as those in the Toolbar. A more useful name would be something like "File Info pop-up."

I wasted a lot of time perusing the various Configuration settings trying to find a way to eliminate the "File Information" pop-up which for me was more nuisance than useful information. I finally went to the forum and found the answer in the Feb. 19, 2017 reply to FileM, who had the same trouble I had.

I think FileM and I would have quickly found where to eliminate the pop-up if its configuration setting had had a more accurately descriptive name.