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You got autocomplete when you type in the command line field. Or just navigate using arrow key and return.. often much faster then the going via the tree

Oh wow, thanks ! I had Command-Line Bar disabled for some reason —autocomplete to the rescue !!

1. Not able to recreate that, Might be multiple configuration you done that work against each other or something.

2.Hover preview should work. If you got issue with hover preview use the Beta section and post a report there what is happening and what you do and in what situation it does not work

1. > It was due to a WindowBlinds skin I was using, I switched to another skin & now it's fixed, I can view the last-row filename —it isn't clipped anymore.

2. > Hover Preview is working again —I went into Preview Customization & had to move Default to the bottom of the list so Pictures was the first —works properly now ! I must've tampered with the settings by mistake.

#1 There's a bug where the Filename (in the last row Thumbnail List) doesn't fit into the Window Pane (gets clipped out-of-bounds) (see attached screenshot).) I use Consolas as my font.

#2 Finally, is it just me or is the Hover Preview not working in the latest Beta Update version ? x64 12.0 build 2894. Please clarify, thanks !!

P.S: I'm using Windows 10 Enterprise Edition.

I would like address-bar autocomplete\ predictions while I type —I have two main folders in my D:\ & this would help me immensely. Explorer has this, right now you need to navigate via the Folder Tree on the left pane, which is tedious. By the way, the Hover Preview makes MC really above-par, thanks —I can now use MC as my main go-to File Manager.

It's alright, I can live with that missing. I just meant save files as favorites, currently you can only save folders as favorites --the alternative is to use buttons and/or maintain a links list to the files. But that's tedious. And shortcuts take too much space, since my Hard disk is almost full. No worries :]

Ultra Explorer allows you to save individual files shortcuts in its Favorites Pane, I'd use it still if it were updated but it's discontinued & lacks support for peeking in Compressed rar files & built-in FTP, would be nice to see this in Multi Commander. Currently I have to copy the filename with full path & save it in the Folder as tag or use a notepad textfile shortcut in the Button Pane (External Program) to remember stuff like PDFs when there's hundreds of others in the same directory --like creating my own to-do\ reading list. Or I would even have to link the [Unused] Buttons to the ebook files directly. Please consider adding filename as shortcuts to MC. Thanks bro!
Yours Faithfully,
Roth13[] Designz™

Thanks a lot! Okay I can confirm FTP is working --had to use syntax like "0:\public_html\" --Before I added the Site name ("0:\NeoViper-10 Homepage\public_html\") that's probably why it wasn't working --I was thinking it was my bandwidth (though that could be it.) Transferring files this way without FileZilla is much faster --thank you! BTW I'am using it for a free web host.

I used some bad Command-line Arguments to run as Administrator on a shortcut in Stardock ObjectDock, & that messed up my MC (the Folder tree wasn't displaying on Startup & the tabs weren't saved on next resumed session.) As a result I had to Reset. That fixed everything & everything was back to normal (I made a backup before (but not using it as it's broken.) I suspect it was the "runas /profile /user /save vcredist C:\Program Files\MultiCommander64" in Shortcut Arguments that messed it up. This was the error I got from both panes (it was hard to take a snapshot --it happened in the blink of an eye.): Also I had accidentally made the mistake of ticking "Don't Show Me This Again" on the "Link Network Drives" on Administrator mode in MC. & I needed to enable that again! Also, before I had Dropbox & OneDrive folders on the toolbox --how do I get those again?? Please this is _very_ important! I had backups of the Config I will check them later to determine how! Also just wanted to point out that some things aren't saved in the backup (like Favorites if I'm right.)
I can't seem to get the FTP to work /w my site account --works in FileZilla (probably a fault on my end.)
If you can just get me to display the OneDrive & Dropbox icons on the toolbar, that would be a great help!
Yours faithfully,
Roth13[] Designz™
PS: It was actually [this argument in shortcut that caused the crash]: runas /user:REQUIREDUSERNAME /savecred c:\PATH\TO\APP.exe
Only I replaced them with appropriate username & path. If I may link you to these two articles: & --I shouldn't have followed them, it was a big mistake!
P.P.S: Okay it's fixed as per this post: Thanks anyway!!
P.P.P.S: Okay I got FTP to work  --is there a special way to disconnect other than closing the tab?
PPPPS: Okay I found it after searching: -sheesh- I should look up before I go posting in here --I would just close the tab before --never used the Disconnect\Eject button --might've corrupted my server\account!

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