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Tips and Tricks / view and zoom
« on: July 02, 2018, 17:53:20 »
How can I view larger icons and titles or zoom in so I do not go blind.


Do we really need to give permission to move our own files?

After downloading some PDF files, I go to where they were downloaded in the downloads folder. Some are articles or even books but also I download quite a bit from Wikipedia. So when I go and try to move one file, this pop up comes on asking me if I really want to move it from here to there (from download folder to PDF folder.)

When you have 30 files you want to move, it becomes quite irritable to have to agree that you wanted to move that one file from the current location to destination folder. It is also very inconvinient to do it for 30 files you are trying to move (should note moving each one on its own).

Getting rid of this feature would be a super thing to do. I know there are different ways tomove files but really, I think most people understand they are moving their files around when they do it.

OK, not quite what I reported. It is showing the one file in that "Desktop". For whatever reason I can never figure out except Microsoft wants to enslave us all so there is no rhyme or reason how they make their software-there are two desktops in Windows and only showing the one on Multi Commander. So still need to find this other folder but not sure how to look for it. Thanks-Dave

Am looking at desktop and one file, a Word document is what comes up.

Of course, I have more than one Word document on desktop as well as some other things like folders and programs.

Why are things this way and how do I fix it?

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