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Support and Feedback / Find Files
« on: September 27, 2020, 12:41:45 »
Running Windows 10, latest multi-commander update for 64 bit systems.
I searched for one file (#1), using a known portion of the file name and the program found the file in several folders, as expected.
Deleted file from folders no longer used,  Updated and left six of the files in six different folders.
Changed the search instructions to find multiple instances of another file.  (#2)
Multi-commander returned the file set for the 6 files left from the first search.  (#1)
Checked the instructions for search #2  Ran the search again.  got the #1 file set again.  and again. and again.
changed the search instructions to look for a file name I knew did not exist.   File name contains XXXXXXXXX, to be specific.
Program returned no results, as I hoped for.
Reentered the search parameter #2.  Ran the program again and got the six files that satisfied the #1 parameters.
Over and over again.
Closed Multi-commander, and restarted it again.  Reentered the #2 parameters - a portion of the file name.
Multi-Commander returned the 6 files that satisfied the #1 search parameters.
Multi-Commander ran similar searches on my 32 bit Windows system - no problem.
All searches were looking for files on  my home network file storage unit.

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