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Currently I have some file Drive C and these files are encrypted with my account. When I copy these files to USB or another drive then these files still have been encrypted.
Please add option in profile of Copy so that user can decrypt these encrypted files.

With latest version of RC 11.2.2792 then REG extension(FSRegítry.dl 1.86) is broken. I cannot navigate in Windows Registry. I downgraded to v11 official then it works well

When I set lock and force change name of tab then I open folder in this tab then MC will open new tab with name of folder.

As observation: Name of new tab is always Forced Tab Name of locked tab

Expectation: "Name of new tab should be folder name even if it is open from locked tab and forced changing name.

Hi Mathias,

I add MC as item in Context Menu so I hit this case. This case does not happen if there is no instance of MC.
MC v9.1 build 2548

1. Run MC, minimize MC
2. Right click anywhere in Windows Explorer (not to right click on file or folder. Only click background) and call MC from context menu
3. MC open this folder as tab in MC well

As observation: "Device dropdown list" doesn't works with this tab although others tabs work well with "Device dropdown list".

This issue doesn't happen if we run cmd from MC to test this case.

Hi Mathias,

Currently I hit the issue every time I open MC from context menu of Win, because I add Run open MC from context menu when I right click on win then MC add open folder in left panel but it there is no MC is running then MC will open folder at left panel and close my locked tab on LEFT PANEL. Locked Tabs at right Panel are closed.

I think Tab is marked as Locked at Left Panel then they should not be closed when open MC with "/OPEN". This issue only happen when there is no MC running.

Hi Mathias,

Currently when we add config in "File Type Setup" then user use shortcut key as "F1" or "View File" then MC will open file with config from "File Type Setup". I like it.

If MC can support more with double click then MC also open file like user hit "F1" or "View File" menu item instead open file with default setting from Windows. If user like to run from default of Windows then he can run from "Windows Shell".

In Windows Explorer if I open ".txt" file then Windows open Notepad. In MC if user set in "File Type Setup" with "Notepad++" to view file .txt then when I double click this file MC will call Notepad++ to open txt file. If user like open from default of Windows then he can right click and open from "Windows Shell".

I believe everyone like this enhancement so I hope you can consider this request and enhance to bring MC the best.


Hi Mathias,

This is steps:
1. Create new 3 user defined commands: Command_1, Command_2, Command_3
2. Create new Root "Security" Menu
3. Create new sub menu in "Sub-Security" menu
4. Add 3 commands from step 1 into "Sub-Security" menu as below:
  • Security Menu
    • Sub-Security Sub-Menu
      • Command_1
      • Command_2
      • Command_3

5. Restart MC to make sure everything work OK with sub menu and added commands
6. Open "User Defined Command" dialog to delete 1 in 3 commands and close dialog:
    Example: delete Command_2 and save then close dialog.
7. Click "Security" menu

As observation: Whole "Sub-Security" menu is removed out "Security" menu.

Workaround for this issue: Open file "UserMenu.xml" and delete menu item. Then open "User Defined Command" dialog to delete.

Hi Mathias,

Currently MC supports extension 7z but on GUI we only pack files with 7z file at basic level, I meant we does not support enter password and select encryption mode in GUI of "Pack Files"...
I hope next version MC allow user add password and select encryption mode in GUI. I know these features are not difficult with you, they only take more your times.

Note: Although MC already support function "PackFile" to pack all files in folder or selected folder but I cannot pack some files and folders in current tab.


Hi Mathias,

Because MC support run as Portable so I think we should support program variable for full and standard.

Currently In "User Defined Commands" we support path of MC with program variable "${mcinstallpath}" but in "File Type Setup" and "Button Editor" then we use another program variable "${mcpath}".

In Button Editor I can set icon for button with program variable ${mcpath} but in "Alternative Icon" of QuickLaunch bar then we does not support program variable.

Although in "Alternative Icon" of QuickLaunch bar we does not support program variable but we support Environment variable of Windows with format %MultiCommander%. This is root cause when MC start and is crashed (at,3578.0.html) if there is no "MultiCommander" Environment variable in Windows.

I hope MC support program variable for whole MC instead of some features and we also should support 1 name instead of 2 names for 1 purpose (mcinstallpath and mcpath).


Hi Mathias,

When I create item in QuickLaunch with icon for item.
In path of icon i set path with environment variable %MyApps%\notepad++\notepad++.exe
If I delete Environment variable %MyApps% then whenever I run MC then MC is always crashed.


This issue happen on from v9.0 final

1. Create 20 user defined commands
2. Add 5 commands into Context Menu with Display name or not
3. restart MC
4. Open  User Defined Commands and duplicate more 5 command from command no 2, 4, 6, 8, 16
5. Name new name for duplicated command.
6. Delete some commands are assign into Context Menu.
7. Open Context Menu and select item then "Command Display Name" and "Custom Display Name" is difference. If user does not set Custom Display then name from TreeView also difference Command Display

Hi All,

Currently MC support pack well but if you need create 7z, zip format with password then I cannot use with Packed from internal. So create Custom Command and add into Context Menu so that I can create archive file with password and some option from 7-zip when need.

Copy whole folder 7-zip if you installed and install new to MC folder. The below is script for command
@var $filepath_zip = "";
@var $files = "";
@var $n = 0;
@var $numfiles = 1;
@var $runpg = GetTagValue("${mcinstallpath}") ^ "7-zip\7zG.exe";
@var $arr_selected_items[] = GetSourceSelectedPaths();
@var $location = GetSourcePath();
// Only run script when there is 1 selected items at least
if( arrayCount($arr_selected_items) >= 1 )
   $files = "\"" + $arr_selected_items[0] + "\"";
   $filepath_zip = PathGetNamePart($arr_selected_items[0], 1) + ".7z";
   for ($n=1; $n < arrayCount($arr_selected_items); $n++)
      $files = $files + " \"" + $arr_selected_items[$n] + "\"";
      $numfiles = $numfiles + 1;
   // When there are more 1 selected item then filepath_zip is folder on selected tab.
   if ($numfiles > 1)
      $filepath_zip = PathGetNamePart(StrSub($location,0,StrLen($location) - 1), 1) + ".7z";
   $filepath_zip = "\"" + $location ^ $filepath_zip + "\"";
   MC.Run CMD="{$runpg}" ARG="a {$filepath_zip} {$files} -ad"
=======================End Script===================================


Hi @Mathias,

Currently MC allows to show Properties dialog from Windows to view Properties with shortcut key ("Alt+Enter" key).
But this feature is disabled in tab "RES[n]:\" from result of "Find Files".

If the shortcut key feature is not supported in "RES" tab then I hope it will be supported.

Hi Mathias,

This is scenarios I setup for 7z and WinRar when creating file zip with password and default encrypt mode.
Case 1: For 7z FileManager:
  • Add file and Select ZIP format
  • Enter Password
  • Leave default encryption mode is AES256 (if changing from AES256 to ZipCrypto then MC can unpack well)
  • Save file zip

Case 2: For WinRAR FileManager:
  • Add file and Select ZIP format
  • Enter Password
  • Leave default encryption mode of WinRAR (if changing from default to Zip Legacy Encryption in WinRAR then MC can unpack well)
  • Save file zip

When unpack zip file then MC shows dialog to enter password but there is no extracted files.

If I use WinRAR or 7z then I can unpack this zip file from 2 cases well.

Hi Mathias,

When I create new profile in MultiDataViewer to open exe or dll file with Hex mode then save new profile but when I open exe file then it there are 2 issues:
  • Always open file in Binary mode instead of Hex. In Configuration Profile then it shows Default Profile
  • Remove button is disable so I cannot delete

When I change value replace value in viewmode of MultiFileViewer.xml file from 6 with 5 then:
  • Always open file in Binary mode instead of Hex but In Configuration Profile then it shows MyProfile with ViewMode is Binary
  • Remove button is disable so I cannot delete

Hi Mathias,

I m using MC 9 final on Win10 Pro x64.
With me, MC is fast but when I do connect to FTP then it take long time to scan folder and sometime it error as below.
With WinSCP and "FTP in totalcmd", they load structure folder is faster MC.

I don't like compare with others FTP but I only mention these FTP client here so that you can improve performance of loading structure folder in FTP when you have free time.

019-08-07 14:24:53 < 200 Always in UTF8 mode.
2019-08-07 14:24:53 > TYPE A
2019-08-07 14:24:53 < 200 Switching to ASCII mode.
2019-08-07 14:24:53 > MODE S
2019-08-07 14:24:53 < 200 Mode set to S.
2019-08-07 14:24:53 > STRU F
2019-08-07 14:24:53 < 200 Structure set to F.
2019-08-07 14:24:53 > PROT P
2019-08-07 14:24:54 < 200 PROT now Private.
2019-08-07 14:24:54 > CWD /
2019-08-07 14:24:54 < 250 Directory successfully changed.
2019-08-07 14:24:54 > PASV
2019-08-07 14:24:54 < 227 Entering Passive Mode (151,127,122,201,218,156).
2019-08-07 14:24:54 > LIST
2019-08-07 14:24:54 = Opening data connection to IP on port 55964
2019-08-07 14:24:55 < 150 Here comes the directory listing.
2019-08-07 14:25:25 = Error reading secure data from the server. (Socket error) (Error : 10060) A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.
2019-08-07 14:25:56 < 226 Directory send OK.

Hi Mathias,

If you can support Master Password to protect FTP Connection. Normally we often save password of ftp connection for easy next time. In case stranger or friends borrow PC and connect FTP then it is not secure.

There are some FTP Client support Master Password as FileZilla, WinSCP and Total Commander also support this feature.

So I hope we have one more layer security for FTP in case user save password of FTP.

Support and Feedback / Checksum value of CRC32 shows incorrect
« on: August 05, 2019, 09:43:58 »
Hi @Mathias,

When I right click on file and select "File checksum -> Calculate checksum value from file" then system shows dialog with CRC32 value is incorrect, the value of CRC32 is reversed

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Support more internal commands
« on: August 01, 2019, 14:35:09 »
Currently MC can save setting manually or restart MC with current user or admin, because this I have to create command based on external tools.
So I hope in next release MC supports these commands

Hi All,

Now I am fan of MC.
I like to use PortableApps and I also use MC as portable Apps.

I'd like to share one of my scripts about "Restart MC as Administrator role":

Precondition: Download tool nircmd.exe from and copy file file nircmd to folder MC.

A. Script to Restart MC.
B. Script to restart MC for nircmd tool

How to do:
A. Write script to Restart MC:
  1. Create Multi-Script to restart
  2. Add these lines in to content: 
     @var $nircmdPath = GetTagValue("${mcinstallpath}");
     @var $@scriptFile = $nircmdPath ^ "rebootmc.ncl";
     $nircmdPath = $nircmdPath ^ "nircmd.exe";
     MC.Run CMD="{$nircmdPath}" ARG="script {$scriptFile}" ADMIN

B. Create script to close and restart MC for nircmd.exe:
    1. Create new file with extension .ncl
    2. Add 3 lines:
        closeprocess "~$folder.nircmd$\MultiCommander.exe"
        wait 500
        exec show ~$folder.nircmd$\MultiCommander.exe -T=YourName
    3. Save file with name "rebootmc.ncl

Hope this script can help you.

Hi @Mathias,

Thank you for MultiCommander. I'm used to Total Commander and I'm using MultiCommander for 1 month, it allow customize and create script, debug script...I love it. Now I'm using MC replace Win Explorer and totalcmd.

I have one suggestion for Viewer (MultiData and MC Picture). I'm using Universal Viewer(UVViewer) with its plugins (to be used with totalcmd) so I plan replace MultiDataViewer(MDViewer) and MC Picture Viewer(MPViewer), I know they are good but MDViewer and MPViewer does not support some formats. I like to use MultiCommander as Portable and can view almost format so I set it as default in "File Type Setup" but when I set UVViewer then I cannot use MDViewer or MPViewer.

So Please add MDViewer and MPViewer as internal command.


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