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Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: advices
« on: February 24, 2024, 10:37:51 »
also make the app look very beautiful with beautiful icons,beautiful looking breadcrumb bar and so on

Feature Requests and Suggestions / advices
« on: February 23, 2024, 15:08:36 »
1.Think completely and work and that thinking should be done at once,do like this when writing also ,as little thinking causes mistakes.

2.think of each bit of how it can be improved but don't add useless and unnecessary features

3.Increase patience important work first

5.If u can't reproduce a bug normally then test thoroughly and try to reproduce for 2,3 times.

6.As far as possible try to reproduce bugs in win10 64bit as most of the users in the world use win10

Make this read by all of your developers or else mistakes will happen.If they completely think and work then bugs will be properly fixed

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