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I use Multi Commander portable and I like how small it is. To make it even smaller, I delete the files of languages I do not use. Unfortunately, MC treats the language list as a static one, so they still appear in Language combobox in Core Settings.

Proposed implementation: make MC smarter by dynamically inserting at startup values in the combobox of only the files that exist in the Languages directory.

Support and Feedback / Optimization in List view
« on: July 29, 2023, 08:03:48 »
Firstly, thank you for this program, I really like how small it is on the disk and how well it's files are organized.

Regarding the use of keyboard, it is much simpler to navigate a long list of files using the arrow keys. But in Details mode the left and right arrows do not work.

To fix this I switch the panel to List mode. All the arrows work but then item creation and size is not displayed anywhere as the user passes with the cursor over them. They should be seen, they are important. Maybe in the bottom bar, which is only useful when user selects some files?

Offtopic 1: in the upper right corner of the forum, the news is that v12.8 is released and I am using v13 :)

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