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Support and Feedback / Auto Focus on New files ?
« on: November 29, 2023, 04:04:05 »
Is there an autofocus on new files feature in MC? When copying or drag-dropping files into any panel, New files  can be automatically focused.

Support and Feedback / Cannot drag and drop emails from foxmail
« on: September 20, 2023, 09:15:01 »
I'm using Foxmail as my mail client, and when dragging an email (the email itself, not the attachments in it) from within foxmail to windows file manager, it saves an .eml file.
Dragging email into Multi Commander does not respond, no .eml file is saved.
I hope it is possible to implement the drag and save feature, thanks.

Currently Rename and MultiRename require separate hotkeys, it is suggested to add a function that can automatically invoke MultiRename based on the number of files selected. When selecting one file, pressing a hotkey or toolbar button simply renames it (without using MultiRename). When multiple files are selected, pressing the same hotkey or toolbar button will allow you to use MultiRename for renaming.

Also, currently, pressing the Rename hotkey or toolbar button after selecting multiple files brings up the Move Files feature. I'm not sure if this is intentionally designed this way or if it's a bug?

Software version and environment: Multi Commander x64 v13.1 build 2955, Win 10

Translated with (free version)

Hi, I use DeepL to translate to English and there may be translation errors.

When using Multi Commander, there are some cases where the focus cannot be displayed in the window after returning to the parent directory. Similar problem to the following post in the support forum:
"Scroll selected files into view",3582.0.html

I found two scenarios that can reproduce the problem:
1, in detail view, if there are only subdirectories but no files at the same level, select the last subdirectory, enter it and return to the parent directory (either by pressing backspace or by mouse operation), the window display will jump to the top of the directory list. The focus selection is correct but the window does not follow the display.
2, in list view, if the filename column exceeds the window length (some of my folders or filenames can be very long), select a directory at random (except the first directory in each column, which strangely doesn't have this problem for the first directory in each column), enter it and go back to the parent directory, and the window doesn't follow the focus selection, it shows the next page.

I've recorded a gif showing the normal focus following in detail view, the focus following bug in detail view, the normal focus following in list view, the normal focus following in the first directory of each column after adjusting the filename column over the length of the window, and the focus following bug in the other 2 directories.

Software version and environment: Multi Commander x64 v13.1 build 2955,Win 10

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