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I really missed that "Group By" feature from windows explorer.

I always group files by the file types/extensions with an exception for "dowanloads folder" by grouping by date.

It's quite useful for browsering, managing and indexing files.

Thank you for the explanation ;)
So could you add a function that always invokes user command?
I barely know how to send windows messages. And I am using autohotkey.

I've already written a custom user command to get the active tab's path.
It works like a charm in MC. However, I planned to use it to pass the pass the autohotkey.

I read the manul and find that one can run MC using command line parameter "-AutoRun=userCommand" and invoke the user-command.

Sadly I found that if one instance of MC is already running, the user-command just doesn't invoke.

Is it a bug?
If not, does anyone here know autohotkey on how to send windows message to MC to fulfill my need?

Best regards.

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