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Before you could click on an item in the Aliases dialog, and press a key and it would jump to that character it the list; I think (correct me if I'am wrong.) Could you bring back that functionality for Aliases, it would help navigate the huge number of Aliases I have ! Let's say an Alias item has focus and I press the "P" key it should jump to the first item that starts with "P". Just a minor feature but would help a lot. Similar to the  alphabeticized-jump-on-keydown User Defined Commands —it's already present for UDC, why not for Aliases ?  :)

Thank you for making multitasking easier —I really needed this feature desperately ! This will take my productivity to new heights ! Thank you so much, appreciate it ! 👍

It runs a separate blank session (from a 64bit process) than when I run it from Taskbar or Explorer or some 32bit process. I guess the Registry for that must be virtualized or something. According to Gemini AI you'd need to use Process Injection to load a DLL into Multicommander & then run it as 32bit ! 😅 But it's O.K. it runs all my tabs fine from the Taskbar icon.
Process Injection (Advanced and Risky):
Theory: This involves injecting a 32-bit DLL into the 64-bit File Manager process, then using that DLL to launch QREAD in the desired environment.
It's alright though, there's no way around it. I even tried loading WinFile (Github the original File Manager from Win 3.11) & also /w Total Commander 32bit through Multicommander, but it doesn't load it correctly. There were some advanced COMSPEC .BAT files or something I read about long time back but those didn't work either. It's fine ! 👍 I also tried getting the 32bit version by running it through Otya128's WineVDM (Github) but it gives an error (I think it only emulates 16-bit apps.)

Oh I see. No it is not .NET app, it's a very old 90's Text Editor app that runs on 32bit by default.

I have this old app that's meant to be run as 32-bit (QREAD 95) —when run within MC it runs as 64-bit & gets redirected into not opening the proper files. I need to be able to emulate a 32-bit running environment when I open it from MC. Like in 32-bit via my Taskbar it opens all known files for me, but in 64-bit it opens a separate workspace (due to WOW64 redirect.) I tried some methods to run a file as 32-bit using command-line paramters but they didn't work. Any solution ?

Support and Feedback / Re: I can't read buttons text
« on: June 26, 2024, 08:58:58 »
From my experience, Dark Themes always have glitches (because Windows was never meant to be dark themed.) I suggest you get Stardock WindowBlinds 10 (which is a better desktop enhancement than UXThemes.) I've used various UXThemes, HighContrast themes, & even WindowBlinds 10 skins sometimes don't theme well when you get dark ones (waste of my space really.) Right now I'am using "Digital Tech SP" skin by "Vad_M" it's pale blue but you can change the colorscheme to Pink via Modify Style & that looks certainly darker (it's the most stable skin really.) I had a prob /w before, my QuickDict input bar text being black-on-black, & my Spotify input bar being invisible due to the same reasons. Stardock WindowBlinds 10 is a commercial app unfortunately, but that's the only way to get a dark theme. If you manage to get your hands on WindowBlinds 10, you can find the skin for free on ! I've also customized my font on my system via WindowBlinds 10 & on MultiCommander to use the "Kdam Thmor Pro" (free Google font), it looks great (just throwing that in here too.) Hope it helps !

Oh wow, thanks —that works perfectly ! I will enclose it in quotes next time ! Advanced Filters are pretty useful ! Whoa there's RegEx too ?! 👍   :D

If I enter an extensive filename in the Quick Filter on a folder with multiple files, the search does not return one single unique match, instead it lists a large number of inaccurate results. For instance in a folder with PDF's, I entered this into the Quick Filter and it didn't narrow it down to one match. The search query was "Sockets, Shellcode, Porting, & Coding. Reverse Engineering Exploits & Tool Coding For Sec Pro" —however when I deleted most of the Quick Filter title it showed the one match properly, just breaks on long searches. It works for short queries well, but needs to be fixed so long unique filenames are handled\ displayed properly.  :)

Like in Vivaldi web browser? :)

Typing the whole path out everytime is damn near impossible, wouldn't it be nice for it to work like a Launcher App typing in a few characters to match a folder name in its history ? It'd be hyper-productive !

Here's some more ideas: instead of the command bar predicting subfolders only in paths how about it matching previous history folder names separate from the full path, kind of like instant hotlinking to most accessed directories !  8)

Sometimes I get into scenarios where I have 20+ Tabs easily. A Dropdown List Menu of all Tabs Names (with Paths) would be a good indicator when there's way too much Tab Strip clutter & you can't see what the Tab Names are —helping you navigate faster (most browsers have this feature (Edge has Vertical Tabs, Firefox always had a built-in Dropdown List Menu (which is why I had to use Firefox until Edge added this feature much later !)) P.S: Hovering over each name is too slow, & since MC doesn't have a Windows menu it could be added to the right of the Tab Strip perhaps.  :D P.P.S: This much-needed feature could be something rudimentary like the Alt+Down-ArrowKey History List (this would work fine for the Tabs List !)
Note: Clicking on a Tab Name Dropdown Menu location path item should take you to that Tab.

That path is actually not extra long, it is less then 260 characters..
BUT I think you are using the wrong command type.
you are using say you use "external" type of command.. And then you use "MC.Explorer.Goto" that is for custom commands..  External is if you want to run a external program. the entire command is to Windows to launch it.
So then you cannot use any MC specific commands link MC.Exporer.Goto and such.

So if you change type to "Custom commands" instead it should work
Or if you want it to run an external program. then just have the path there without the MC.Explorer.Goto.. then Windows will start the .pdf with the program associated with pdf

Oh wow, it's working now ! I just wanted it to Goto that folder, I don't know why it wasn't working before —& yeah I meant Button Editor's "Custom Commands", not "External." Anyway I re-entered it & it works, thanks !  ;D

There's a bug in MC when opening a really lengthy path with a huge-length filename via the Button Panel. I mean I can access "D:\Download\DL Dir\pendrive\web content\cyberpunk ebooks\backups\USB\Computer Graphics\" directly but not via the Button Panel, it also contains a filename which is really long: "Mathematics for Computer Graphics and Game Programming A Self-Teaching Introduction (D. P. Kothari, G. Awari, D. Shrimankar etc.) (" so that might also be contributing towards it ! Can you fix it so that MC "Command Type > External" "MC.Explorer.Goto SOURCE="D:\Download\DL Dir\pendrive\web content\cyberpunk ebooks\backups\USB\Computer Graphics\" long paths like this can be accessed again ?! I get the error "Failed to launch program | The system cannot find the file specified."

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Quick Access
« on: April 29, 2024, 03:22:58 »
How about using MC Tab Sessions instead of buttons on the Button Panel or Windows Quick Access?

O.K. thanks a lot, I will look into it !

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Quick Access
« on: April 27, 2024, 19:42:24 »
Shame, I would like to see this too ! I'am forced to contend /w folders\ files in Aliases & Favorites. Would boost my productivity significantly !! I have a very simple folder structure on my computer /w various folders for different content\ tasks. Quick Access is the glue that binds it all together.  :(
P.S: Nevermind I added all my Quick Access folders to the Button Panel !!  :D

MC has a MultiScript function GetWinShortcutTarget(). So the simplest multiscript UDC could look like:
Code: [Select]
@var $lnk = GetSourceFocusPath();

@var $path = GetWinShortcutTarget( $lnk );
MC.Explorer.Goto SOURCE="{$path}";

Thanks a lot, appreciate it !! That works brilliantly ! 8) Using it in "Custom Context Menu" after creating an UDC. I named it "Goto Actual FilePath Link" and used the filter *.lnk to work only on link files.
P.S: It also works on .qalnk files (QuickAdmin UAC-Bypass shortcut files) —that's an added bonus !!
P.P.S: Currently it doesn't work on Microsoft Store Apps shortcuts or DOSBox Games Launcher .lnk shortcuts (takes you to the DOSBox Games Launcher folder —maybe this is not a bug as it permeates through 3 different files when accessed.) Not that this is important, but thought I should let you know.

What does "Show HotPath" (Ctrl+,) do ? I want a feature to Goto the the actual file path of an link (.lnk). Windows Explorer has a function for this ("Open file location") in Right-click menu, but it opens it in Explorer, wish MC had a similar function !! Is there a workaround to add this functionality ? Otherwise thrilled /w the new features & options !  :D
P.S: I would like to add the "Open file location" command to MC's "Custom Context Menu".

Oh I see, thanks for clearing that up.  :)

Bug #1
When using 64x64 Thumbnail Mode, the 'Right-Click Menu Keyboard Key' (I have that as a special key on my Dell keyboard next to the Function Key (it's a laptop)) doesn't open the Right-Click Menu sometimes. On 96x96 Thumbnail Mode it's functional & works always in Detailed List Mode though :D . If you could fix this in a future update that'd be great !
P.S: I was able to pinpoint+replicate the issue:: It happens when the caret is on the first item 'Move To Upper (Empty Arrow) Directory' thumbnail, if you move the caret to an actual File\ Folder & then switch between Tabs, the Right-Click Menu appears ! So there's a prob /w the caret being on the first item 'Move To Upper (Empty Arrow) Directory' box initially. If you want a screenshot to demonstrate I can do so …  ;D
P.P.S: It works sometimes, doesn't work other times !  :'(
<~~ Nvm I fixed this by checking 'Show Context Menu on '..' Item" !!

Bug #2
I don't see the 'Keyboard Customization' hotkey for 'Switching Tabs': that is, I don't see the Ctrl+Tab and the Ctrl+Shift+Tab for moving backwards and forwards between Tabs listed there. I want to change the hotkey to Ctrl+Page Down and Ctrl+Page Up that's why.  :D

Bug #3
When I use the " -AutoRun=AutorunCmd" command-line parameter in the MC shortcut (to View the Full Pane), my Tabs get reset and there's only 1 tab !!  :( I have the shortcut running as Admin, maybe that has something to do with it ?
<~~ Nvm this is working too, I accidentally wrapped the [Shortcut Properties] path within double quotes —that's why it reset the Tabs !!  :D

Thank you for adding this feature —it's a lifesaver ! Also PDF Previews are working —comes in real handy ! Audio previewing via user defined commands is super useful !

I'am trying to create a User-Defined Command (named "Open PDF In Edge") to open the Selected File in Microsoft Edge Browser. It's to be added to a Custom Context Menu which I have it listed in no prob there. But when I enter the following Custom Command, the Edge Browser opens with lots of tabs for each of the folder paths. This is what I'am using (Edge opens but the PDF file doesn't, I even tried /w another PDF Viewer but that doesn't Open it either)::

Code: [Select]
MC.Run CMD="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" ARG="${focusfilepath}"ALSO TRIED::
Code: [Select]
MC.Run CMD="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" ARG="${sourcefilepath}"
Could I have this script rectified\ fixed please ?

Nvm, I got it to work via External !!::
Code: [Select]
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" "${focusfilepath}"

AH I see, well O.K. thanks ! Looking forward to the upcoming releases —great job !! :D

Alright, thanks for clarifying ! :D
P.S: I tested, it doesn't work on WAV. But that's O.K.

Support and Feedback / PlayAudio User-Defined Command Not Working !
« on: January 26, 2024, 17:51:01 »
I made a User Defined Command:: MC.PlayAudio FILE="C:\Users\dell\Documents\My Movies\Backstreet Boys- Greatest Hits- Mp3ViLLe\07 Backstreet Boys - Larger Than Life.mp3" (Custom Commands > MC (Group) > Play Audio (Function) > File (Options).) Which I then put into Aliases:: mp3 | @7c23ba2910a745809cf703e5aabc08ef No problem /w the Aliases. But when I enter mp3 to run the command mp3 in the Command Line Field, it does nothing ! I also tried moving it to "D:\1.mp3" but that does nothing. I was just trying to get this new Beta feature to work. Also, is it capable of playing ".WAV" files as well ? As I could really use that !!! :)
P.S: Nevermind, I tested the StopAudio as well, & same thing: hasn't been implemented yet.

Is it all keys or some ?
I have not been able to reproduce it.  But it loads keys and other things parallel during start up so it can be a race condition.. it can be that some commands are setup before all customized keys are finished loaded. I will move around so customized keys are loaded earlier for the next release.

Some user-defined keys retain, some all lost. Thanks for the new Beta update, I believe it solves it —but I'd have to leave it open for some time as I've noticed over extended idle time it can sometimes stops responding. But as for in-between restarts, it appears fine now. :D

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