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Hi Mathias, unfortunately this is impossible for me. I have only one arm.
Too bad!

That is correct. But unfortunately not in the Explorer window.

This has never worked for me, even though the function is selected. No folder opens.

Toggle Selection Option gibt es nicht

The Problem:
I click behind the files it in the free space.
Then drag down with pressed mouse button to mark.
So like a lasso with autoscroll when coming to the bodom of the Window.
But dragging stops at the bottom of the Window. No Autoscroll!
Can this be implemented?
Its verry important for me!

Support and Feedback / Re: Multi-Rename Syntax
« on: January 01, 2023, 18:16:43 »
In Multirename
- check RegEx
- select Replace only name
- in Find edit box type (.*)( \[.*)
- in Replace edit box type $1
Thank you very much, that was the solution!
- check RegEx
- select Replace only name
- in Find edit box type: \[.*     This is quite enough!
- in Replace edit box type: $1

Support and Feedback / Multi-Rename Syntax
« on: January 01, 2023, 14:06:30 »
Here's what I want to do:
I have several files in this format:
Disembodied Tyrant - The Divine Stigmata [official Lyric Video] 2022) Sw Exclusive.mp3
I want to Multi-Rename them so that they look like this:
Disembodied Tyrant - The Divine Stigmata.mp3
The text in the square bracket is always different!
What do I have to put in "Find" and "Replase with" so that everything disappears behind the first "["?

that is a possibility, but it does not help me. I am used to mark everything with the mouse. All without keyboard.
I have only one arm and it is problematic to use mouse and keyboard at the same time.

Support and Feedback / Re: drag a file over a folder
« on: November 10, 2022, 15:59:45 »
Is it possible to implement this without Alt key?

Can this be implemented?

Thanks for the detailed answer!

What can I do about it now?
It works with other file explorers too!
Only not with MC!

I have found the problem.
Let's say the USB flash drive is drive F.
If drive F is open in the window of Multi Commander and I want to "format" via the context menu comes the message.
I can't safely remove drive F then either.

If drive C is open in the Multi Commander window and I right click on drive F at the top of the drive list and choose "format" from the context menu then the error message does not come.
I can then safely remove the F drive.

So Windows always considers drive F as in use when it is open in Multi Commander window, although no file operations are performed.

I have just tested.
I installed Multi Commander on another laptop Win10 64bit.
Windows Explorer - works without error message
Speedcommander trial version - works without error message
Multi Commander x64 - error message
Multi Commander x86 - error message

No, this also happens when the USB flash drive is empty and I want to format it.
Tested with 3 different USB flash drives.

When I try to format a USB flash drive, I get an error message.
"This drive is in use. Another program or process is using the drive. Do you still want to format it?"
With "yes" it will be formatted.
In Windows Explorer, this message does not appear.
What can I do or is this a bug?

Just this little feature would be great! Autoscroll when coming to the end.

Sorry I expressed myself wrong.
Do not click on the file, but behind it in the free space.
Then drag down with pressed mouse button to mark.
This has always been the case and you don't have to set anything extra.

Exactly all with the left mouse button.
I click on the first file I want to select, hold down the mouse button and drag down.
The dragging stops at the bottom. (in the Multi Commander)

In Windows Explorer it keeps scrolling until I stop or the file list ends.
This is what I need.

In Windows Explorer and Speedcommander it works too!
Too bad!

That would work, but overrides my other mouse settings. For example, dragging with the right mouse button.
Why can't I just select and scroll with the left mouse button pressed? Would be so easy!

I am too stupid. I do not find this setting.

Sorry but I do not understand :-\.

When I want to select many files with the mouse button pressed, there is no automatic scrolling down when the window frame is reached.
I cannot select more files than are visible in the window.
What can I do?

Support and Feedback / Re: drag a file over a folder
« on: October 16, 2022, 12:47:50 »
Is it possible to implement this without Alt key?
Possibly with setting the delay when opening the folders?
I only have one arm so working with keyboard shortcuts is mostly unfeasible or very cumbersome for me.

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