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For some file invoke MC context menu > File Checksum > Calculate checksum value from file.
Calculation never ends, operation can't be aborted and MC can't be closed (it freezes). File size doesn't matter.

MC v14.0.3016 x64 portable, Win 10 x64 Pro 22H2 build 19045.4529

Support and Feedback / Issue with search in MultiDataViewer
« on: March 14, 2024, 14:12:21 »
I have a txt-file with mixed cyrillic/english text in ANSI encoding. In MDV if I search for cyrillic word, nothing is found. Case dosen't matter. I basically copy some cyrillic text, paste it in the Find field, press Enter and get "No more found". Search for english text works OK.

If I open this file in Windows Notepad, search for cyrillic text works fine. If in Notepad I save this file as UTF-8 or UTF-16, then in MultiDataViewer search works, but only if case matches, so e.g. search for "станислав" can't find "Станислав" even with disabled [Match case] option.

1. Move some tab to the opposite panel
2. Press Tab key

Result: Focus doesn't move to the opposite panel. Moreover, if the preeceding panel was not previously opened it is opened empty (see gif)

3. Click mouse in the opposite panel to activate it
4. Press Tab again

Result: the opposite panel is activated but no file/folder is not focused. This only seems to work on fresh MC start.

1. Open Multiscript debugger
2. Invoke some function which waits for user response (e.g. AskText);
3. Close Multiscript debugger
4. Close dialog box shown by AskText

Result: MC freezes.

I've enabled hidden/system files showing, so they're displayed in the explorer panels and can be obtained via MultiScript function GetSourceItems().

But there're some files like e.g. pagefile.sys and swapfile.sys which "don't exist" for the FileExists() function. It means that function returns 0. I consider it a bug. As long as they exist in the filesystem and MC is able to "see" them, they should as well be visible to FileExists() function (and to others possibly affected).

Win 10/11, MC v13.1.2955

I have a bitlocker password-protected drive. When I connect and try to access it via MC, nothing happens. When I try to access it via Windows Explorer, Bitlocker password dialog appears. After unblocking the drive becomes available in MC.

Is it possible to add this behaviour to MC?

1. Attempt to access a drive
2. Invoke password dialog
3. If unblocked -> show drive contents

I've created a password-protected *.7z archive via 7z File Manager (official GUI).

When I enter such archive and try to copy some file via F5, password dialog appears which shows entered symbols instead of "*"

If I don't enter an archive but unpack it via Alt+F6, password dialog shows "*"


I've also created a password-protected *.zip archive via 7z File Manager (official GUI).

When I enter such archive and try to copy some file via F5, password dialog appears. If I press Esc, password dialog reappears.

If I don't enter an archive but unpack it via Alt+F6, password dialog is correctly closed via Esc and is not reshown.

MC v13.1.2955 x64 Portable

1. Enable hover preview
2. Move the mouse over some pdf file and wait for preview to appear

  • preview window can't be closed neither by Esc nor by moving the mouse over other files (even in the opposite panel);
  • it stays on top even after switching to other application;
  • it disappears after closing the tab (Ctrl+W);
  • after closing the tab Hover Preview no longer works for that panel (but still works for the opposite one).
P.S. I haven't changed the settings. Just updated MC from the previous version and left everything "as is".
P.P.S MC v13.1 b2955, Win 11 x64

1. Open some txt file in MDV
2. Type some text in the "Find" field
3. Press Ctrl+A

Expected: all the text in the "Find" field is selected
Result: all the text in the view area is selected

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Multiscript StrSplit improve
« on: December 09, 2022, 14:37:47 »
Now delimiter param in StrSplit function is used as a single separator. It means that the following code will not split input string

Code: [Select]
@var $str = "123,|456;|,789";
@var $arr = StrSplit($str, ";|,");

I request additional optional param like any_char (0/1):
- with the value 0 the function would have current behaviour;
- with the value 1 the character of the delimiter which has the lowest index in the input string would be used as a delimiter (so in the code above it would be "," char)
- with the value 2 the first found char of the delimiter would be used as a delimiter (so in the code above it would be "|" char)

I want to copy some file to the same dir with a new name (manually specified, no autorename). But CopyFile function accepts only path as a target param.

Is it somehow possible to achieve the goal? If no, maybe enhance CopyFile with an additional param or implement a new function CloneFile?

I have the following UDC:

Code: [Select]
MC.Utils.FindAndReplace REPLACEALL MODE="Many" FIND="fff\nddd" REPLACEWITH="zzz\naaa" FILE="d:\\temp\\1.txt" TARGET="*_new.*" SILENT OVERWRITE
It works if target file doesn't exist and doesn't work otherwise

UPD. It seems that TARGET param doesn't support direct file names. I.e. if TARGET="d:\\temp\\1_new.txt" it doesn't work. Mask works OK.

1. Create new User Defined Command
2. Right click on the QuickLaunch Bar and select "Insert User Defined command"

Result: there's no newly created command in the list. MC restart required

Now only Program Path parameter has [R] button to convert path to relative. It woud be great to have the same for Start Folder and Alternative Icon parameters. Actually relative paths are already supported, but it's a bit inconvenient to change Alt. Icon manually via xml-file

Support and Feedback / Dragging bug
« on: October 19, 2022, 09:19:20 »
1. Start MC with multiple tabs
2. From the current tab (Tab1) drag a file over inactive tab (Tab2)

Result: Tab2 is activated with blank Explorer panel and drive combo-box

3. Cancel dragging
4. Now press Al+F1/F2 (depending on current panel) and select a drive

Result: New path is set in Tab1, not in current blank Tab2

MC v12.5 b2910 x64 Portable, Win11 Pro Portable

Support and Feedback / Re: Correct Folder Date/Time No Longer Works
« on: August 03, 2019, 13:31:33 »
Correct folder date/time works for me but only partially. It only applies datetime of the newest file but not folder. E.g. if there is a file with 08.03.2019 12:03 and a folder with 08.03.2019 12:05, then after correcting parent folder will have datetime 08.03.2019 12:03 instead of 08.03.2019 12:05

Support and Feedback / Packing with custom extension issue
« on: June 26, 2019, 13:03:31 »
There's a minor problem. If custom extension is set in pack dialog, no packing occurs. Instead MC creates a folder with new name and copies files there.
E.g. if I set archive name to X:\temp\archive.zzz instead of X:\temp\, MC will create X:\temp\archive.zzz\ folder.

Support and Feedback / Checksum calculation issue
« on: June 05, 2019, 08:21:48 »
1. It seems that MC fails to calculate SHA-256/512 checksums
2. For SHA-512 no caption is displayed in the checksum tree

MC v8.3.2469

Please consider implementing Resume operation for copy/move in Already Exists Dialog. So only remaining part of source file would be appended to the target file (instead of whole file like Append operation does).

It might be an item in [More >>] menu. E.g. when target file has less size than source, that item would be enabled, otherwise it would be disabled.

E.g. i have the following file/dir structure:
Code: [Select]

If i set pack filter to "-*.txt" then archive will not have txt folder. But i want that folder to be in the archive even it's empty. What is the proper filter?

Support and Feedback / Add MultiRename Tag dialog is untranslatable
« on: February 01, 2014, 11:20:56 »
Add MultiRename Tag dialog is untranslatable. I mean dialog appearing when you press [<] button and then choose Plugin and more menu item.

And i think that property type and value should be delimited. E.g. now it looks like Standard Name. I suggest to make it look like Standard: Name or Standard - Name or similar.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Tray menu improvement
« on: January 31, 2014, 17:42:27 »
If Show icon option is enabled and sub-options are disabled, MC is minimized to the task bar. In that case Open Multi Commander menu item in tray menu does nothing. I suggest to make it restore MC.

Support and Feedback / File coloring bugs
« on: January 30, 2014, 13:25:03 »
One more bug. If there're more than one profile, [Default] will not be applied after restart. Previous will be applied instead.
So if i have profiles [Default], test1, test2, selected e.g. test2, then selected [Default], then restart MC and get test2 profile applied.


And a bug in choose colors dialogs. When you choose Invert, Text color is set to black.

Support and Feedback / Bugs of CopyFile script function
« on: January 23, 2014, 12:24:11 »
I have the following script:

Code: [Select]
@var $dst = GetTargetFocusPath();
@var $src = GetSourceFocusPath();

CopyFile( $dst, $src, "" );

Target focused path is E:\temp\_mc_test\1, source focused path is E:\temp\_mc_test\2.

Debugger shows:
Code: [Select]
$dst  string  E:\temp\_mc_test\1
$src  string  E:\temp\_mc_test\2

Bug #1. When dialog appears, target path is E:\temp\_mc_test\ instead of E:\temp\_mc_test\1 (so if "NODIALOG" parameter is passed to CopyFile, error occurs "...Can not copy a file to itself").

Bug #2.  MC crashes when [Cancel] button is pressed in this copy dialog. It happens if copy was called from debugger.

Now assign this script to a QuickLaunch button. Enable Allow - Rearrange of buttons option for QL bar.

Bug #3. After copy dialog appears, this button will move over QL bar following mouse cursor (even if cursor is outside QL). Now:
  a) if you press Esc copy dialog will be closed and the button will take new position;
  b) if you click somewhere outside QL bar the button will take previous position and keep focus cursor around itself;

It would be great if CopyFile/MoveFile functions could accept string arrays for targetPath and sourceFile.
So it would be possible to copy items to multiple folders and get less warning messages.

P.S. Maybe also add new parameter "NEWQUEUE" to force creating new queue.

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