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Title: Multi Commander v3.0 ALPHA Build 1335
Post by: Mathias (Author) on February 02, 2013, 19:17:04
Multi Commander v3.0 ALPHA (Build 1335)

   Portable 32bit (
   Portable 64bit (

This alpha also contains updates to the MultiUpdate program. The update tool should now be able to upgrade an old version to 3.0.

To test this download MultiUpdate v1.3.3 ( and unpack it into where you have MultiCommander.exe.
Then start a command problem at that location and run "MultiUpdate.exe /D"
This will download the 1335 Alpha release and do the upgrade.

Changes 235+ Changes since v2.8.1

-- Build 1335 - 35+ Changes

  ADDED - MultiUpdate using new way of downloading updates. (Old way can be activated in settings)
  ADDED - Favorites can now be shown as a popup menu in the crumbbar. (as right click action on the Path field)
  FIXED - MultiUpdate script can now upgrade from 2.8.x to 3.x
  FIXED - Fixed problem when saving a FileOperations presets.
  FIXED - Some extended file properties did not use the MultiLanguage systems for the column names.
  FIXED - Problem when restoring language pack.
  FIXED - Some Texts at different places are now supported by the MultiLanguage System.
  FIXED - MultiUpdate will keep orginal filedate when updating files.

Changes from previous alpha versions is found here (,752.0.html)