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Support and Feedback / Re: Unable to unlock a bitlocker drive
« on: September 22, 2017, 23:57:41 »
I have made a short video where you can compare Multi Commander and Total Commander. I have Polish Windows, but key messages are translated. First I use standard shell menu in both programs and then I simply select locked drive from combobox.

I don't use to many different FTP servers but I have to say I have never had any problems with background transfers. Of course it is possible to configure FTP server for only one connection per user but from my experience it is not very common. I'm happy that you have it on your todo list. I also understand that your free time is limited.

I have commercial license for program similar to Multi Commander and I have to say that maybe MC is currently not as polished as commercial alternative but at the same time it has a lot of useful functions which are not available in other products. I'm not sure if I switch from commercial product to MC in the near future, but I'm really impressed with your work.

I have retested everything and I can confirm that it works exactly as written in my original post. I have made the same tests in Total Commander using the same 7zip archive and FTP server and it works correctly. I have noticed one more interesting bug in MC. Content of FTP server is displayed almost correctly - I see dates and times of every file and directory. Unfortunately for two files I see correct date but time is 00:00:00 which is wrong. Currently I don't know what is so special in these two files. In another folder on FTP server I have found that all files have time 00:00:00 which is wrong. Total Commander shows correct time for every file.

I have made screenshots of related configuration options. Maybe there is something wrong when some combination of options is selected.

Support and Feedback / Re: Unable to unlock a bitlocker drive
« on: September 22, 2017, 01:12:32 »
Hi Mathias
I can only say that Total Commander has support for Bitlocker drives. It displays the message: This drive seems to be locked by Bitlocker! Unlock it? I can click Yes and two new dialog boxes are displayed. One is standard dialog box from Windows where I can type password and the second one is from Total Commander: "Please enter the Bitlocker password!" After I enter correct password TC automatically closes its own dialog box and displays content of the unlocked drive.

Maybe it is not easy to do but it looks that it is possible.

User Contributed Content / MultiDataViewer - INI file color syntax
« on: September 17, 2017, 02:15:14 »
INI files are very simple, but this short definition will make them look a little better. Mathias - you can add this to the next MC build if you want.

  <profile name="INI" id="71868d56e6624662a37f6dbc924816ed" ext="INI">
    <format themecolor="5" textcolor="-1" backgroundcolor="-1" flags="4352">^[ \t]*;</format>
    <format themecolor="0" textcolor="#000000" backgroundcolor="#40e0d0" flags="4352">^[ \t]*\[.*\]</format>
    <format themecolor="8" textcolor="-1" backgroundcolor="-1" flags="8193">=</format>

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Improve Quick search
« on: September 17, 2017, 00:06:25 »
I have the following options selected to be able to move between files and directories as fast as possible:
  • Quick search
  • Search field
  • Search for text parts anywhere in the file/folder name
  • Search keys: Letter only

Please add one more option: Filter list of files/folders
With this option turned on the list of files/folders should be filtered similarly to ordinary filter available in the bottom right corner of the list (Ctrl + F). Why do I want this option? Because I use it Total Commander and I love it. Filter in MC is powerful but it requires to many keystrokes. Quick search is (as name suggests) quick but if you have hundreds of files it is annoying when selection bar jumps up and down when I press arrow keys to move between files.

You can also consider simple pattern matching (* and ?). When you add it you can remove "Search for text parts anywhere in the file/folder name" option because with patters we can simply start our quick search with * and it is equivalent.

When FTP file transfer is started you should create a new connection to FTP server. Currently transfer is initiated in connection used to browse server content and as a result you are no longer able to change to new folder (which is not already in cache).

Press F3 on any file in encrypted ZIP archive.
Expected: ask for password, display file content in Viewer
Current behavior: empty file is created in temp folder and "displayed" in Viewer

For 7zip encrypted archive MC works as expected.

I have "Keep file date" option turned on. It works correctly when I copy files between ordinary folders on disk and when I extract files from ZIP archive. Unfortunately it does not work for 7zip archives and for FTP transfers (from FTP to local disk)

Support and Feedback / Re: Unable to unlock a bitlocker drive
« on: September 16, 2017, 22:35:07 »
I can confirm that MC has problems with BitLocker drives. Let's assume I have encrypted pendrive in my USB port. Now I select this drive using combobox or by clicking on drive icon in the toolbar.
Expected behavior: dialog box with information that drive is encrypted and question "Do you want to unlock it?"
Current behavior: content of drive C: is displayed

I can also confirm that I see exactly the same problem as reported by timn in initial post.

Tested on Win 10 1703 x64 (all updates installed).

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