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Script / Get the source/target path based on the active panel
« on: October 19, 2017, 12:25:30 »

NB: I know there is a difference between selected and focused but I couldn't find a clear description. In the following, I will assume that focused is when the element is surrounded by two horizontal lines and selected is when it is highlighted. Can you confirm, please?

I would want to execute a command (let's say a SVN update) to the selected element OR, if no element is selected (I don't care if it is focused), to the parent folder (the folder whose path is showed in the bar of the panel). And I would want that it works no matter which panel I'm on.

No tag seems to fulfill these specifications. I assume I will have to write a MC script to figure out the active panel (how ?), then check if any file/folder is selected (how ?), and launch the command to the right file/folder accordingly.

1. Did I miss something here? a tag or something?
2. How can figure out the active panel?
3. How can I check if any file/folder is selected?

Thank you

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