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First I'd like to say how awesome MultiCommander is and how much it has improved my day to day efficiency!

Searched the forums and couldn't find anything like this so I'm looking for some help. I want to set up a button in the button panel that will open a new tab to a specific UNC path, but I only want it to create the tab if it is not already open (no need to create unnecessary/duplicate tabs :) ).

Looking through the script docs, I don't see a way to get all open tabs in all panels or a given panel, and check the properties of the tabs to get things like:
  • Panel the tab is open on
  • Index of tab on that panel
  • Name of tab
  • Etc.

Is this currently possible with the existing script engine and I am just missing something?

Thank you for taking the time to read! Hopefully I'm just missing something!

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