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Support and Feedback / Re: Columns for Metadata?
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on Yesterday at 12:52:31 »
Right click on column header and go to customize column.. And you can add some column with meta data.
However Author and title is currently not available
Thank you very much AlanJB  for the quick response and clear answer. I admire this program every time i use it. its the best for me I've been looking for such explorer for years, I have tried many explorer programs beside "windows explorer" which is really annoying for me ..With my discovery to this  great Multi Commander Explorer I feel very happy, also when I think of some feature after little search I find it implemented already....That's why I appreciate every effort from any one, that contributed into building such a magnificent  software.

Thank you All

Menu > Configuration > Core settings > Layout:  uncheck Show close button in the tab.
It would be very nice idea to be able to open external program say notepad.exe inside one of the panes  so you can monitor changes for example while working with files , this option would be good if one can drag the external program into the pane and then have the option to lock it so no other drag can happen by accident until option unlocked.

Thank you
on Tabs need I need an option to remove
  • close button from tabs

because some times it get closed by accident when I am just trying to select it not to close it specially if I have many tabs opened I've seen this feature in notepad++ it will be great if we have it in Multicommander.

Thank you
Support and Feedback / Re: Auto sorting now working right?
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on October 20, 2021, 12:20:49 »
When changing settings for Explorer Panel it affects all panels so they should get the same settings.
I'm not able to recreate it. Both panels resorts for me. Sure you are sorting on the name column in both panels ?
Support and Feedback / Auto sorting now working right?
« Last post by jamesd1 on October 19, 2021, 16:39:01 »
I've opened the left and right panels and clicked for them to have them automatically resorted when there is a manual name change.  However, this works only for the left panel but not for files in the right panel.  A bug, or am I missing something?
Menu> Configuration > Explorer Panel settings > Display (Tab)
Under "Save on exit" near the bottom uncheck "Remember only path to local hard drive"
Support and Feedback / Tabs are getting reset to С:\ drive after MC restart
« Last post by YuryZen on October 18, 2021, 11:39:11 »
Tabs related to network drive are getting reset to С:\ folder drive after MC restart. Any suggestion on how to fix it?
Support and Feedback / How to Open Folder in MC from Windows Explorer Context Menu
« Last post by kelly on October 17, 2021, 20:46:51 »
Hi, I would like to open a folder I'm browsing in Windows Explorer with MultiCommander. Is there an easy "Open With..." context menu item I can use? It's a pain to have to copy and paste the address from Windows Explorer into MultiCommander every time.
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