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Support and Feedback / Re: Font in DeviceDropdown
« on: January 04, 2021, 17:05:26 »
Thanks, Mathias.  125% but, yes, scaling.

I think I'm starting to understand.  What I didn't realize is that Windows provides a way to either scale everything or just increase the size of text.  I may be able to meet my needs by just scaling text.  Is that what you're suggesting?

What I just now tried is to change Windows settings to 100% scaling and Ease of Access > Display > 'make text bigger'.  This does appear to make text bigger in File Explorer but not MC.  So I then used Configuration > Explorer Panel settings > Display > Fonts and adjusted those up.  That seems to do the trick.

Is this what you had in mind?  Asking for myself and I figure others may also find the steps helpful.
No MC support scaling, 125% scaling should look fine.125% should be almost as 100% for most places. but can be different sometimes. because 125% scaling is a weird scaling factor that cause fraction error when caluclating sizes.

Support and Feedback / Re: Font in DeviceDropdown
« on: January 04, 2021, 10:40:54 »
When upgrading to 10.2 I noticed the same change as the OP.  The font size of the device dropdown no longer matches that of the tabs above (or the file names below).  I don't see where I can configure it -- perhaps I'm missing something?
That is correct . . guess you are running 175% scaling ?

It tries to detect if file is binary. the sample of the file (first 1000 bytes) have lots of none ascii then it is binary.. I think the limit right now is 10%.. and 26 character file. and 3 potentional none ascii charactgers..  that is over 10%
So it is only for very small files this is detected as binary.. I see if I can tweak it..

Support and Feedback / Re: Close app with select code in viewer
« on: December 28, 2020, 17:29:55 »
I been able to reproduce this. But it is not a easy fix. It is the color formatting that makes it crash. But require a bit of work to sort out why.

I don't know what listary is. But MC can open a path from commandline

Alt+Backspace, show favorites windows where quick path config have moved to.

You should see QuickPath #1 -> #10 in the keyboard Customaztion dialog under "MultiCommader core" - "Global"

There is no difference in Portable vs Installed.

Support and Feedback / Re: Where is the built-in Photo Editor ?
« on: December 21, 2020, 10:34:43 »
Not editor, Viewer

Support and Feedback / Re: Question about file and folder selection
« on: December 19, 2020, 23:46:32 »

Insert toggle selection and move down to next

Space toggle selection and calculate folder size

Support and Feedback / Re: Question about file and folder selection
« on: December 19, 2020, 09:53:09 »
It depends on what default setup for Mouse/Keyboard you are selected at first start up, Commander Styled setup or Windows Explorer Liked setup

If you prefer keyboard the I suggest Commander Styled setup.
Space , Insert key above the arrows on a full keyboard will select and move to next file.
+ on NumPad will bring up box where to add selection by filter, - on NumPad, remove selection
Ctrl + (+ On Numpad)  will select all files with same file extension. (See Edit menu for more)

Commander Style setup you also toggle the selection of files with right mouse button (shell context menu is then moved to right double click)

If you want to run in WindowExplorer Styled setup you can tweak how it works so it does not deselect all items so aggressively in Explorer Panel settings > Display > Selection and Checking of items

Support and Feedback / Re: Folder Size always on display
« on: December 16, 2020, 12:56:00 »
Thread Closed because it is old. it is from "January 09, 2017" :)

Instead of clicking in the correct panel, just press tab key if you need to change view.. select all is only needed if you run with Windows Explorer Styled setup. since it will auto set file in focus.
with commander style setup you do not need to selected all. since files are not auto selected

But, No There is no automatic constant folder sizing yet. Test with automatically constantly size all folders showed it affected the performance a lot.
However there are plans for some low prio background thread for this that will auto pause when other things need the performance. However that require quite a bit of work and will not be on by default

Currently there is no easy way to find duplicate on entire drive in MC

If file is missing BOM it is almost impossible to do 100% accurate detection of file type all the time. There are so many corner cases.
Problem is that Unicode of extended language like .jp or chinese can be detected as binary files instead of text.
But might be possible to improve the detection some way.

Problem for me is to find test text data that will fail for me. because searching ascii files is depended on language settings on the computer.

In v10.2 that coming soon.. In Core Settings enable app log and set loglevel to debug.
When doing content search you will get entire in the log view of what content type it detects it as.
1 = ascii , 2 = unicode , 3 = utf8 , 4 = binary

Press Ctrl+L to open that panel

Actually thinking about this now again. I think the failure is that it is matching it as binary instead of ascii. So let me know what the logout say.

Support and Feedback / Re: Huge fonts since last update
« on: December 15, 2020, 23:25:59 »
Closing thread since this thread is a mess. different issues mashed up into one.

If you have scaling issue create new post

Support and Feedback / Re: Re: Huge fonts since last update
« on: December 15, 2020, 23:22:03 »

I've just installed latest build (Dec 04, 2020).

After setting all user-configurable fonts to 10 everything looks nice on my system (150% and 1920x1080).

Whatever you changed in last built, fonts are OK now. Thank you, Mathias.


Still not consistent, I'm afraid. I didn't notice before. See attachments.


Never said it should be extra large in all dialogs.
It is by design large in copy to dialog

Support and Feedback / Re: Font in DeviceDropdown
« on: December 15, 2020, 16:51:30 »
Dear Mathias!

Thanks a lot for the rapid answer!

Regarding the icons - yes, I can confirm, most of the icons I use have become suitable for FHD resolution. Only "Up" and "Eject" are old a little, causing they haven't enough pixels and don't fit good to the common modern display. We'll be waiting for the re-painting it in further updates  :)   (check first prtscr please)

So why is DropDown Menu Font size 14px, isn't it too much? What was this value in previous 9.x version? All the other fonts are adjusted to 8px.
I wouldn't say I'm wanting to run MC as 100%. I would say, I wish to run it like MC 9.x  :)   
Please, check the second screenshot. Here are V10.1, V9.8XP, Win Explorer. They are just running all together to be able to compare the scaling.
So what I would say - here is a perfect fonts consistent in V9.8, and here is an evidence little issue with the DropDown Menu font size in V10.1. (And also the Command LIne Prompt font is larger than it was a little).
So I (and some other users I suppose) will really appreciate if You could manage fonts will be appeared as before, as in V9.8!  :)

Also, I tried to run MC V10.1 with different DPI settings in Porperties, as You said. No matter, scaling and fonts appearing is always the same.

I didn't know that Beta testing is open for everybody, I could use it, if You'll suppose some of my reports could be useful.

Be awaiting for further fixes in further version! Thank You, Mathias!

Yes,things are changing between version. The app is not static and never changes. well 9.8 XP edition almost is.
But as you see the UI is little smaller in total for 10 (toolbars, all all of that ).. so more pixel for the filelist in v10

Some icons does not exits in all sizes. all icons are free use icons I found somewhere.  I can't draw my self. So the icon will changes if other free icons are found or
if somebody with drawing skill can contribute it.

Don't mix up 8pt font and px.  8point is not the same as 8pixels. What it was before I don't know maybe 9pt or 10pt but it does not matter. The entire combobox is new and not the standard one. it works different and support more features. I would say the font was to small before dependent on the size on the combobox. That was more noticeable on 4k screen with 170-250% scaling.
Problem is also that it is impossible to be perfect in all scaling mode because of rounding errors. Fixing for on size will create issue in another size.
Problem is that GDI UI is not made to be scaled from the beginning. the DPI scaling is a workaround MS added to Windows when the need come. With modern UI it is handled almost automatically. (Like WPF, UWP, WinUI) But for now the app is stuck in legacy UI framework.

9.8 has major issue in higher dpi settings and the standard combobox does not support dark mode, so it will not be changed to what it was.

Support and Feedback / Re: Font in DeviceDropdown
« on: December 15, 2020, 08:49:24 »
Well you run at 125% scaling., Then icons will try to scale. I think it uses the 24px size icons then, Standard desktop app in Windows do not support vector icons, so it jumps between the fixed size of the icons if they exists. not all icons exists in all sizes then they are stretch or shrinked.

The dropdown font is at 100% 14px. for 125% it should be 17px, This will not change. The icon is larger then the font, so the row height will not be affected anyway with smaller font. However The top/bottom margin have been tweaked and in v10.2 is is around 2px (in 100% scaling) less margin, so around 2 full items shorter in height

Looks like you are wanting to run MC as 100% even if you runt Windows at 125%. You might be able to force that with compatibility settings tab in properties for the shortcut

This have been like this in the BETA release for a long time. There was a time to influence how this worked then, but I got no feedback around this then. Now only minor tweaks are done.

Well XP Edition is using the old standard ComboBox and XP edition do have major scaling issue. running it with high scaling it looks very bad and it also do not support dark mode. It also will not receive any new features.

Settings leads to settings hell. It is not just a UI issue. The more option there is the more complexity the code is, the more bugs there will be. because different settings can and will cause conflicts with other settings. You end up with a code that is hell to maintain.

Support and Feedback / Re: Huge fonts since last update
« on: December 11, 2020, 13:14:56 »
In build 2743 the Device dropdown fonts are still too large for me (no DPI scaling).
Yes is is little larger than before.. That is the result of it being auto scaled. it is kind of by design or the result of the new combobox

Do you mean it search text files that are ascii as unicode if there are cyrillic characters in them ?

Support and Feedback / Re: Problem with fonts in v.10.0 (build 2740)
« on: December 10, 2020, 08:11:13 »
Hi, Mathias!

Thanks for your attempt to explain new MC behavior and design, but it seems to me this topic must be put to sleep, cause, sorry, but it reached the point where I really don't follow the logic anymore.
You say "as you see in the old version their is a lot of extra space under the selected text in the "copy to" text box", but I do not see any "extra space" anywhere. I see only three following differences (between old and new "Copy to" screens):
 1) Font size and
 2) "Options" button that existed in v.9.7, but disappeared in v.10.
 3) Little "recent destinations" button ("<") at the very right of "Copy files to..." field.
Maybe on some other monitors "a lot of extra space" exists, but not on mine. And you can see it yourself, if you compare two screenshots attached to my earlier posts ("Copy-Files-and-Folders.jpg" and "Copy-Files-and-Folders (v9.7).jpg").
Anyway, thank a lot for your time and good luck!

The Extra space is shown in the picture you included above. in the "target path field" the text is not vertical centered. (edit box cannot do that)
Lots of extra space in the editbox until the bottom of the edit box

Support and Feedback / Re: Log file output issue
« on: December 09, 2020, 07:24:56 »
Yes looks to be broken.. "Copy" works. so as workaround you can copy/paste to notepad

Support and Feedback / Re: Problem with fonts in v.10.0 (build 2740)
« on: December 08, 2020, 07:41:31 »
Before v10 many places did not scale at all in MC. Some parts did but many places did not.

And as you see in the old version their is a lot of extra space under the selected text in the "copy to" text box.  the text is aligned to the top (it can't be changed in standard windows edit box).
So there is lots of extra space not being used.

Also the Target path and filter are the most important boxes there, so making them a little bigger will make them stick out more and also use the full height of the edit box.

With 100% scaling it looks like this.
Doing scaling in old Windows UI apps is very messy. The OLD UI (GDI) is old and is not designed around a scalable UI. High DPI support was added for it as a workaround. And it is not automatic.

Script / Look for script
« on: December 06, 2020, 13:39:57 »
I know many of you are write scripts.

I'm look for nice generic script that you think should be included in a standard installation of MultiCommander.
Both as fully functional and as examples..

Tips of scripts and/or full script are wanted.

Support and Feedback / Re: Problem with fonts in v.10.0 (build 2740)
« on: December 06, 2020, 01:49:29 »
Hi, Mathias!
Thanks a lot for your reply.

> What screen resolution do you have and what Windows scaling factor do you have ? 300%
It's 250% (as recommended by the notebook manufacturer).

Yesterday's MC version (Dec 4, '20, v., portable x64) seems to fix the problem with "font in freespace area" - now it looks much better.
But in Copy/Move dialog it changed to the opposite - now the font is too BIG (see attached "Copy-Files-and-Folders.jpg").
Do I have an option to control this font somehow? I looked through all settings, but couldn't find the place where it can be :-(.


250% Hmm 4k screen on small laptop screen ?

Yes the font for filter and target path should be the same and be larger the the other, that is by design.

Support and Feedback / Re: Problem with fonts(2)
« on: December 04, 2020, 18:14:19 »
The droplist can lose it font in some situation.. Have not identified exactly when yet..

If you  close the tab and recreate it or restart app it will fix it self.

Support and Feedback / Re: Huge fonts since last update
« on: December 04, 2020, 12:11:22 »
100% and 1920x1080.
No DPI scaling. strange. I see no issues in 100%.

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