Author Topic: read/write strategy normal safer than power?  (Read 6124 times)


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read/write strategy normal safer than power?
« on: April 22, 2023, 10:11:15 »
I always try to respect the strategy depending on whether I use a usb drive or not.
 But I can't find an answer about the strategy to adopt to copy files from one disk to another. If I choose power, is there a greater risk of having errors in the copy? If I choose power, is there a risk of having corrupted files without having error messages once the copy is finished?

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Re: read/write strategy normal safer than power?
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2023, 13:13:59 »
The Read/Write stratergy are mostly for performance reasons.
Windows takes care of the low end part for read/writing data and to make sure that data is written correctly.
So unless there are some issue with the HW there should be no risk of write errors. Todays drives actually write a lot of errors that are corrected automatically by the drive.

But some drives and Hardware will work faster if buffers are at some sizes, and if cache are used or not used and thinks like that.
Or if read and writes are done at the same time if you are using two different drives.
Most of the time it is fast to bypass the cache if you are writing large files. Since there is no need for it to be cached. Unless you are also doing lots of other work on the drive and want it to be caches so it is flushed to the drives in large blocks..
The data pass many layers of hardware/'hardware drivers' before they are actually written on the disk. And if one layer does not support some optimization, it will not be faster, but would still be written correctly.