Author Topic: Better handling of Favorites/Tab Groups  (Read 4063 times)


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Better handling of Favorites/Tab Groups
« on: July 23, 2014, 07:48:13 »
I'm switching from QTTabBar to MC, and I'm really missing the easy manipulation of tabs into groups/favorites of the former. Whereas MC does have a "favorites", but it is really inconvenient to add an existing tab into favorites (For example in QTTabBar, I can right click on a tab and select "add to group"), and it is not easy to restore or open all tabs of a specific group (or a "section" in the favorites). Another feature that I'm missing is the "recent tabs" of QTTabBar, which will keep a list of tab history and also the recently closed tab. It will be really convenient if MC can have these features. Thank you.
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Re: Better handling of Favorites/Tab Groups
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2014, 16:10:18 »
MC do not support tab groups. (If with that you mean that is should changed multiple tabs, and open new tabs if needed with the press/selection of a command)

BUT you can create that your self with script. and assigned that to a hotkey.

There was a script for that here a while ago..
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