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Have you Italian translation


you do not have a translation into Italian of the program?

you're not going to do a translation?

Thanks for the future reply


Pedro Albuquerque:
I made one for Portuguese-Pt. Search the main menu for the language editor and create one.
It's very easy. ;)

Mathias (Author):
I was contacted by someone that said they would create one. But I have not heard anything about it since.

The file you included looks like a good start.. However you have not followed the correct naming standard for the files. But I can fix that later.

Mathias (Author):
I correct the partial language file you created so that it follows the correct naming.

Send me a private email from and I will send you a Submit key and you can submit changes so they are added automatically.

To install the do this..

First delete this folder  (unpacked language files that the language editor creates..)

Then put in <MCInstall>\Languages

remove  <MCInstall>\Config\SupportedLanguages.xml
( a new file will be generated in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\MultiCommander\UserData\Languages and it will now use that when starting to know what languages are supported )

Restart MC. go to core setting and change language to Italian.

Italian Translation (99.99%) to version 12.8.2929


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