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Next Version and some plans for 2015


Mathias (Author):
Blog Post :

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Pedro Albuquerque:
Hi Mathias,

great to know these news. Thank you for all your work.

If you need help, I can help with the documentation. I already create a PDF with the available documentation online (manually, not with scripts or mPDF). Maybe we can think of a way to do it using emails.

If you provide the needed info, I can write the text, take the screen captures, and then you just have to review it.
Just say so.


Mathias (Author):

The pdf generation must be by script so it can be automatic so it is regenerated as soon as the doc is changed.
If it is manual process then stuff will be missed and it is to much work to just keep them in sync

But writing doc pages that I can insert into the doc would be great.
a lot of the pages are out of date and lots missing. But I have not yet gone through them to figure out whats is what..

Pedro Albuquerque:
when you do let me know and I'll help in what I can.


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