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Multi Commander 4.9 Beta
« on: January 15, 2015, 19:20:10 »
Not so much changes that I had planed. But I have been very busy and have not had so much time to spend that I thought.
But I think it is enough changes so that a new version should be released.

Change Log since 4.6.2

200+ Changes

-- Build 1885 (2015-01-25) - Release Candidate
  ADDED - FindAndReplace now support wildcard matching.
  FIXED - Sorting options "End At Character" now works.
  FIXED - Issue with LineSorting and CR/LF
  FIXED - FindReplace confirm dialog buttons now works again
 -- Build 1881 (2015-01-23)
  ADDED - Language Editor now remember selected language
  ADDED - Language Editor can now filter list and only show text items that are NOT translated
  FIXED - Find And Replaces logging and error handling is now improved
  FIXED - Can now display the overlay text on thumbnails when using the Internal Thumbnail Engine (WinXP)
  FIXED - Sortlines / FindAndReplace - Fixed some language text issues
  FIXED - 2 crash issues reported by Crash report system.
-- Build 1874 (2015-01-15)
  ADDED - New Text Tool - SortLines
  ADDED - New Text Tool - FindAndReplace
  ADDED - Picture Viewer can now show an overlay with photo info like FNum,Exposure,ISO (Press P in viewer)
  ADDED - Better error message when user tries to copy a placeholder file
  ADDED - Custom Command "MC.Utils.SortLines"
  ADDED - Custom Command "MC.Utils.FindAndReplace"
  ADDED - Custom Command "MC.ShowFavWindow" and "MC.ShowFavPopup"
  ADDED - View Filter popup now also show previous view filters that was set manually
  ADDED - Holding Shift when entering linked folder it will now follow link instead of resolving it
  ADDED - 3de party programs can now interact with MC using WM_COPYDATA messages. (Goto and GetCurrent... )
  ADDED - Picture exif properties to be shown as columns (ISO,Exposure,FNum,ExpBias,Flash)
  ADDED - Thumbnail overlay text can now be set to date or photoinfo
  ADDED - Tooltip delay and timeout times can now be change under tweak settings (Explorer Panel)
  ADDED - Alternative short admin tag for application title bar is now used if commandline option -A is set
  ADDED - Browse timeout can now be tweaked. (Only useful if you get double item issue)
  ADDED - Rar FileSystem extension is now built using the UnRAR 5.2.3 source.
  FIXED - Loading startup ini is no longer sensitive for pre/post white spaces.
  FIXED - When ExplorerStyle settings is used. Changed how color for focus item is set when panel is not in focus.
  FIXED - Fixed issue where device got removed from MC when it was formatted
  FIXED - File search sometimes failed to search file content if file was in use.
  FIXED - Portable/WPD will now show blank date if date property is not valid
  FIXED - Portable/WPD will use created date as default date to show instead of modified, if modifed is not valid
  FIXED - 6 crash issues reported by Crash report system.
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Re: Multi Commander 4.9 Beta
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2015, 14:02:42 »
Thanks for a great new build Mathias.
I will be playing with these -
- Custom Command "MC.Utils.SortLines"
- Custom Command "MC.Utils.FindAndReplace"
- Custom Command "MC.ShowFavWindow" and "MC.ShowFavPopup"

Happy New Year