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Updating MC Documentation in 2016


I would be very happy to help with updating the online documentation; there are quite a few omissions by now and (without any disrespect whatever intended) some of the English could be "tidied up".

I fully understand the additional workload that documentation places on a developer (I was one for 40 years), and we cannot expect Mathias S to do everything in his spare time ;)

Mathias (Author):
Yes, the documentation is lagging behind a bit. It is somethings that takes more time to fix then you might think.
Any help in improving it would be great, Just send me a e-mail and we can talk about how to do this..

Replied privately.

Mathias (Author):
I replayed to your mail, did you get it ?  Maybe it ended up in your junk/spam folder.

Hi Mathias.

Nope.  Not received & nothing caught in filters :-(

Please re-send (or forward to my MC Forum email address).



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