Author Topic: Amiga Directory Opus  (Read 16205 times)


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Amiga Directory Opus
« on: May 01, 2011, 20:32:53 »

I noticed that MC look mutch like the old AMiGA DirOpus ( Directory Opus ) .. But how do i change events in the buttons, or rearange them ?


Mathias (Author)

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Re: Amiga Directory Opus
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2011, 21:29:32 »

I actually used it myself on the amiga in the good old days. :)

Change Event..

To be able to change the events of the button you can do that two ways.

1. If you want a button to go to a path/file or launch a file. Then the easiest way is to enable the "Wizard mode" for the button panel.
That is done by clicking in the last button on to the right on the last row (Named "Wizard Mode (On/Off)").
(You also have that option under the "Menu->Configuration->Toggle Button Wizard Mode")

When the button panels background have change color, you can then drag and drop a file or folder to a button.
You will the get a dialog box where can select what should happen when the button is pressed, If it should open the file or
go to it.

2. If you want assign another actions to the button you have to do it via the Button editor ( Menu->Configuration->Button Editor )
When that dialog is shown, You first click on the button you want to change and the dialog will update with the settings for that button.
You can then modify it. and there are a lot if internal command you can assign to it. And for really powerful command you can write scripts.

Rearrange button is also done in the Button Editor.
You first select the button you want to move. Then press the "Swap" button, Then you press the button you want to swap place with.

More information about the button editor is available here

If you need help to modify a button for a specific task, just leave a post and I will try to help you.

- Mathias