Author Topic: Multi Commander 6.4.x Issues  (Read 23320 times)

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Re: Multi Commander 6.4.x Issues
« Reply #25 on: August 06, 2016, 16:47:05 »
MC do not hook it self into Explorer or any parts of Windows so I don't think this is the fault of MC.

Have you installed/reinstall some ShellExtension ? that are a common cause to crashes. Because then you got 3d party code hooking it self into Explorer..
and even into MC.

MC is the only *known* install/software change within the last fortnight.  I didn't think it would be MC but just double checking.
I am quite strict with the AV/FW on what is allowed, & stuff silent installing 'should' be sandboxed automatically.  Nothing is 100% of course.
Win has settled down today - so I have to go back to M$ - the usual suspect.   ::)

That is the problem with a open system as Windows.
So many things can conflict with each other and cause havoc. That what MS trying to fix with UWP, But the API for that is still missing a lot but it gets better for every release