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Mathias (Author):
22 Changes
-- Build 2253 - 26 Aug
  FIXED - GotoNextSiblingFolder/GotoPreviousSiblingFolder something changes the tab.
  FIXED - Possible crash issue if File system was refresh before UI was updated from previous scan.
  FIXED - Will now only redraw and revalidates file colors if a subfolder was modified. Was doing a full rescanning. Not needed

-- Build 2250 - 25 Aug
  FIXED - Some Internal cleanup and refactoring, and preparation for future features.
  FIXED - Explorer Panel lost focused item in some situations when refreshed
  FIXED - Copy progress dialog will now show estimated time to complete with hours and minutes if minutes to complete is more then 60
  FIXED - Issue when checking if path exists for a path to a FileSystem Plugin that was closed.
  FIXED - Fixed issue where it lost contact with portable device, So that a manual refresh was needed to. This is now done automatic (is most cases)
  FIXED - Explorer Panel was not always refreshed automatic if folder was created in virtual location. like REG:
  FIXED - 1 stability issue

Thank you :)

Er...  where - no update available anywhere that I can find?

Mathias (Author):
It is there.

Makesure that check for new Beta is enabled in settings

Mathias (Author):
New Beta 2253

One fix removes unnecessary refresh if a subfolders is modified.  (D:\Folder was refresh when content of D:\Folder\SubFolder was change. since Windows update the date of the parent folder of a folder that are changed) Now the changed item is refresh. instead of rescanned.

One fix fixes (maybe) a very very very rare crash issue during file system scanning, If Filesystem scanning is started (automatic, because of filesystem changes) after another filesystem scan is completed but before that scan have had the time to update UI, (AND if files was removed between the first and seconds scan..) So many things must right to trigger this and also very timing sensitive, There was a < 0.1ms grap where the new filescan could sneek in before a previous scan had started to update the ui.


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