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Mathias (Author):
The biggest change is a internal one, And it is now it handles how the thread synchronization works for the background filesystem scanning.
Also some improvements and fixes for Flat Filesystem view

 31 Changes

-- Build 2264  - 10-Sep-2016
  FIXED - Find Files - Matching file content as UTF8 and with ignore of case difference, Failed for some languages.
  FIXED - Find Files - Forcing FileContent matching as Unicode could make MC lock up if the data was not unicode
  FIXED - FileSystem scan can in some very rare and weird situation cause a crash. This should now be fixed. ( I hope )

-- Build 2260 -  6-Sep-2016
  FIXED - Possible thread issue with filesystem scanning
  FIXED - Better error handling of file system scanning fails

-- Build 2259 -  4-Sep-2016

  FIXED - Flat FileSystem view is now a little bit faster
  FIXED - Flat FileSystem view now updates its view correctly if files are deleted
  FIXED - Rewrote how the background thread synchronization works for filesystem scanning.
  FIXED - 1 stability issue

on release notes is a wrong date. Maybe this mean 13-Sep-2016

Mathias (Author):
Whops.. should be september there not august..  I will fix that. :)


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