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Mathias (Author):

--- Quote from: Ulfhednar on March 01, 2017, 11:31:36 ---Only just catching up to these new features.... ::) ;)

I am pleased to see more new MS functions for me to mess with :)
Not yet in the docs?

--- End quote ---
Not yet..  but they only take a file path and return a the target,  so should be easy to figure out :)

--- Quote from: Ulfhednar on March 01, 2017, 11:31:36 ---Context menu - I was recently thinking about possibilities if I was to edit that, so I am looking forward to using it.   8)
Your current MC context menu has the essentials, have you made any lists of the operations etc ID numbers available already?
eg - <MenuItem Command="core.1360" Options="0"/>    =  copy
(Perhaps for Internal Commands from the cmd line?)

& Am I correct to think you could call the Unique ID of a button (& thus a script function) in this way?

--- End quote ---

If you open the Keyboard Customization dialog you see the "command code" in a field there if you selected a command.
However only commands in the "global" category are possible to be added

You can also hold the shift key while pressing "export to file".. and you get the command codes in the list.

BUT a UI is coming  for the Context Menu customization.. Manuel editing of the file is only for now.
(And the format might change)

--- Quote from: Ulfhednar on March 01, 2017, 11:31:36 ---I noticed some of my USB drives behave better with this build.  Before they might be much slower when initiating things like 'copy'.

--- End quote ---

Strange because nothing around that is changed. :)

Thanks for the info Mathias.

The key cmd config - [export] +<shift> is a neat tip. ;)
I am waiting for your GUI of course but I wanted to look at the Menu options possible.

It may only have been the weather that influenced the USB sticks but it coincided with this update !  :D

Hi Mathias.

In v6.9.9  Build 2325, I cannot get the Settings panel tab colours to work properly (see attached).

I have set the Settings panel tab colour to be an "orange" shade, but the tab renders as "purple".

What am I missing  :-\

Mathias (Author):
Works for me.. Strange,, something special with your setup ?

The value is save to the MultiCommander.xml file.

is the value changed in your file when you press apply/save ?
      <solid value="1"/>
      <color background="9fd65b" text="$COLOR_BTNTEXT"/>

Very little changed from OOB setup - it helps to test more accurately with new features/changes without my interference :)

Pressing Save does not change MultiCommander.xml.  But...

If I manually add the correct color to <tabs>...<settingspanel>... in MultiCommander.xml, it works!

Also just noticed that in my "live" installation, that the "orange" color (FA9D3B) is also defined in Core Settings for "Settings" tabs, but the tab colors are, in fact, all white.  Am I missing another setting somewhere?


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