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Mathias (Author):
Release v7.3 BETA

Been very busy lately with other things, So not been able to put much time into new features.
Most changes are fixes, improvment and minor features to complete existing functions

-- Build 2360 - ( 9-Jul-2017 ) - RELEASE
 FIXED - Entring subpaths in the CreateFolder dialog and pressing ctrl+Return. The browse did not go to the created folder.
 FIXED - Natural sorting fails if the numbers was 14digits or more
 FIXED - Horizontal scrolling issues with MultiRename

-- Build 2358 - ( 1-Jul-2017 ) Release Candidate
 ADDED - ContextMenu on DeviceToolbar can now save it setup from the context menu.
 ADDED - Device filtering settings now set the device filter for device toolbar and device dropdown
 FIXED - Toggle FolderTree On/Off will if you have AutoResizeColumns on trigger a resize of the columns.
 FIXED - Backup/Restore did not backup UserData content. (Like Saved MultiRename profiles, Search Profiles, FTP Bookmarks)
 FIXED - 2 stability issue reported by crash report system
 FIXED - Better error handling when doing flat filesystem scanning.
 SDK   - SDK and Samples Updated

-- Build 2354 ( 25-Jun-2017 )
 REMOVED- Verify delete. Did not work well. Windows and Network stack is caching result. And it is not possible to by pass it in a good way
 ADDED - Added options for Device Filtering for GlobalDeviceToolbar / ExplorerPanelDeviceToolbar / DeviceDropDown and FolderTree
 ADDED - MultiTag ${mcinstallroot} and ${mcinstalldevice}
 ADDED - When WM_COPYDATA windows message is recieved, It it logged to app log if debug loglevel is active
 FIXED - Crash happend sometimes when MultiRename windows was closed
 FIXED - MultiRename will now force column autosize.

--Build 2352 - ( 10-Jun-2017 )
 ADDED - Tab session can now be set to Autoload at startup
 ADDED - Can now remember last used tab session and autoload that on startup
 ADDED - DeviceToolbar inside explorer panel now shown a popup with device type to show. (Feature in progress. Not complete yet)
 ADDED - FS7Zip - When creating a 7zip archive, A retry dialog is now shown if the file it wants to pack is used from another program
 ADDED - Creating symlinks as normal user is now possible if running Win10 (1703) och if Developer mode in windows is enabled.
 ADDED - Makedir (Custom command and dialog) now support the date tags used when creating quick create folder commands
 ADDED - Delete can now do a special verify and check if delete actually happens. (Workaround for Samba on linux that can report that items was deleted when they was not)
 FIXED - Column sizing issue when the vertical scrollbar was visible
 FIXED - Sort was not always triggerd when doing inline rename
 FIXED - Advanced filter now support extended propery field "core.attrib"
 FIXED - Tabs was not always loaded into the correct order, If they was moved around
 FIXED - Various minor issues and code cleanup

When some items selected and double click at another item, all selected items will be opened. Therefore i made a multiscript which hotkey i everitime forget.

--- Code: ---MC.Run CMD="${focusfilepath}" SHELL
--- End code ---,1673.0.html

Hoping you can make that the double click will be like this multiscript and the enter-key just open all selected files. Maybe 7.3 is just the step for this change.

Thanks Mathias - my column issues have all been fixed :D

Using the rename dialog I had some issues adding a space to a regex with a selection group.   I had a regex for bracketing dates, (19[0-9][0-9])|($1) & I wanted to add a space but "s are added in a strange way e.g.

(19[0-9][0-9])| ($1)


(19[0-9][0-9])|" "($1)"

Manual adjustment via ... dialog won't persist.   ???

Mathias (Author):
I'm no expert on RegEx.  MC is using the build in regex engine in C++,

But don't you have to escape special characters like " with \" or something.


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