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How do I change the default editor?

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I tried to change the default file editor (Configuration->File Editor Setup), but it does not seem to work. F9 still uses Notepad, and when I go back to Configuration->File Editor Setup, it has changed the default back to Notepad. How do I make the change persist?

Mathias (Author):
Did you press the "Save" button in the File Editor Setup dialog

Mathias (Author):
Also make sure you do not remove the "*" under the "File extensions to use this editor"
* means default.

If the * is not there, it will not be the default editor, and it will fallback to notepad.exe when open, but the dialog should still show your changed.

If the dialog reverts back. then the changes was not saved. Or saving failed

I did press Save, and I did have * under File Extensions, but still no joy.

Mathias (Author):
Very strange. I have been trying to make it fail. But Im failing at making it fail.

Only idea I have is that is fails to save the configuration.

If you go to
Menu > Help > Goto > Config Folder

You can see if the time of MultiCommander.xml file is changed when you save the file editor configuration.


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